August 2016 "Skippy" - Anal Gland Success Case

August 2016 "Skippy"

Skippy Glandex Pet of the Month August 2016

This handsome boy is "Skippy" a Jack Russell, Fox Terrier Mix and our August 2016 Glandex® Pet of the Month!  Skippy is definitely loving life in the snow! This is what Skippy's mom had to say about using Glandex® for him… 

"Simply said, I am amazed! My little dog, (1/2 Jack Russell & 1/2 Fox Terrier) Skippy, has had anal gland problems for the last 8 years. He has had numerous infections and we would visit the vet at least every 2 months to have them drained. I felt so bad last May for my little Skippy, when again he had another bad infection in his anal glands. We left the vets and I came straight home and got on the computer to see if there was anything else I could do for him. That is when I came across the product, Glandex. I read the testimonials on the product and thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try.

I received it in the mail a few days later and started adding it to his food that day. I had read not to give up, it could take a few months to really see a result, so I kept adding it everyday to his food. About 3 months later his glands seemed to be getting better, but I took him in to have his glands drained, as the product's direction said may help along with the Glandex product. That was back in August 2015 and it is now February 2016........Skippy has not had to go back to the Vet's at all for infections or getting his glands drained! Truly amazing and oh so thankful!

My little dog Skippy is my Heart and Sole. He is now 15 years old and I believe because of Glandex his life has been extended; he is a healthy and happy little guy. And I can not say THANK YOU GLANDEX enough! Skippy & I love your product!" ~ Donna Wagner