January 'Lucy' Anal Gland Success Case

Lucy Anal Gland Success Case
Say hello to Lucy! Our adorable January 2021 Glandex® Pet of the Month! 19 month old Lucy is an Olde English Bulldog who loves to talk and play soccer! Her BFF is a 110 pound Olde English Bulldog/ Pitbull mix named Brody! Not only does Lucy like soccer and squeaky toys, she also LOVES tennis balls! This is what her mom had to say about using Glandex® for her...
 Our 1 1/2 yr old OEB, Lucy was rubbin’ da bum quite a bit. We clean her tail pocket daily, but she was still doing the “Sit & spin”. We read a lot of reviews & received a lot of advice regarding anal glands. Glandex is who everyone recommended. We followed the directions provided by Glandex to ease our pup into the dose according to her weight. Within the first week we already noticed improvement. By full dose she has stopped the “Rubba dubba on the dodo”! Ordering was easy & delivery was quick. Although we had a few good laughs watching Lucy “perform” this act, we feel like responsible parents by taking action to resolve her itch now that we know what is causing it.