March 'Darcie & Mitzie' Anal Gland Success Case

Glandex Pet Dog of the Month

These two girls are Darcie & Mitzie, they are both West Highland White Terriers. Darcie is 2 years old, and Mitzie is 11 years old, and they are both our March 2020 Glandex® Pets of the Month! Darcie is our outside girl! She would rather be outside with her Daddy than anywhere else. Mitzie is Mommy's girl, extremely obedient and loves to play with her toys.

This is what their mom had to say about using Glandex® for them...

"No More Stinky-Butt! That’s what we call our Westie girls when they get the awful gland leakage and try to do the bootie-scoot on the carpet! This is our 2nd order of the beef liver powder (since ordering the starter kit and trying all of the products). It’s been almost 6 months of using Glandex, and it is remarkable how much better it all is. I especially love the all-natural wipes and use them for many things: wiping their privates to clean and stop itching, wipe their mouths if they get the hunger-puke spit-ups, wiping their paws if they get a boo-boo, etc. Glandex is a high-quality product and highly recommended by this doggie family!"

My review explains it all: both girls had stinky, messy anal gland leakage. The older girl, Mitzie, would get sores under her tail which were exacerbated by the leakage. The wipes helped with this and I use them constantly for that as well as face cleanup if they get hunger-pukes, and to soothe the surrounding area of any scratches or if they need a clean-up between baths. We used the peanut butter chews and beef liver powder from our starter kit but they prefer the beef liver powder which we use daily. There has been no more unpleasant stains or smells. We love our Glandex products!!  Janice