March 'Ranger' Anal Gland Success Case

Say hello to Ranger! This good boy is a nine-year-old Beagle who loves to chase his family and chew on his squeaky toys! It is safe to say that life is not boring with Ranger around! Here is what his family had to say about using Glandex® for him...

"My beagle has had anal gland issues since he was young (he's now 9). The past couple of years I have been using Glandex, and he doesn't seem to need his glands expressed as often, and his stool has firmed up. Highly recommend trying this product. He also LOVES the taste. I wish the beef liver flavor was available in Canada, though. I make a "gravy" with it to add to his food once a day.

Ranger has always had issues with expressing his anal glands, ever since he was young. I started using Glandex several years ago, and it has made his symptoms significantly less. He no longer chews at his glands from discomfort, and he does not need his glands expressed as often from his veterinarian. I highly recommend Glandex. Ranger LOVES the pork liver flavor, he thinks he is getting a treat every lunchtime."

Ranger Anal Gland Success Case