Lester & Ginger Glandex Pet of the Month

These adorable Basset Hounds are "Lester & Giner," 5 year-old twins and one of our April 2018 Glandex® Pets of the Month! This is what their mom had to say about using Glandex® for them...

"We were one month away from a scheduled Saculectomy for our 5-year-old Female Basset Hound Ginger. Our kind hearted Vet struggled with us for 2 years as we tried every "Conventional" medical solution there was to rectify her long running anal sac disorder including: variable antibiotics (with long run cycles at 8 week daily doses of Clavamox), injection and oral steroids, anti inflammatory medications, immune suppression (Cyclosporin) as well as full scale "Household Anti-pathogen Cleaning" to address environmental elimination of all potential allergens; and EVERY DIET there is ("raw food" we did elect to try, with a Para-medicine background, and a close neighbour who fell very ill contaminating themselves with raw food, we elected to skip that).

Both dogs are on Glandex.

...Ginger's rectum cleared within the first 2 weeks and we titrated her from Clavamox over the initial two weeks and into the 3rd week. Initially with extreme reluctance -having watched her endure every ill experience to date attempting antibiotic withdrawal in the past (she could not have gone 3 days without Clavamox as her Anal Sacs would become infected); she had NO ISSUES whatsoever.

We are at week 7. Ginger is 4.5 weeks antibiotic free and while we cannot write "cured", (we're not Vets) we can write that this was submitted without solicitations, of our own accord, neither dog has any sign, symptom, or indication of Anal Sac, Rectal issues, and/or "contraindications". Both dogs have recently seen our Vet for bloodwork/check-ups and they are VERY healthy.

There really is NO SCOOTING.

THAT looks CURED to us.

We cannot thank you all enough. Lester and Ginger most of all for their lives.

Eternally grateful.


~Lester and Ginger, Chris Gorczynski & Katherine Colbourn

Lester/Male (Black & White/Left) & Ginger/Female (Tan & White/Right) 

Interesting Facts About Lester & Ginger:  Lester and Ginger enjoy LONG SLOW WALKS ANYWHERE all the time, nibbling toes when you are not paying attention to them, looking cute, eating and "tracking food" (from your hand), and being the best family you could ever have.