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It's Time to Leave Your Patients Anal Gland Problems Behind.

Veterinarians and vet specialists everywhere rely on Glandex® for all of their patients with anal gland problems. Formulated with the precise amount of fiber, Glandex® helps to bulk and firm the pet's stools to allow the anal glands to empty naturally. Glandex® also contains natural anti-inflammatories and omega-fatty acids to target the underlying inflammation and allergies that typically trigger anal gland problems. In addition, Glandex® contains probiotics and digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract, which in turns helps to support healthy anal glands.

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    Glandex® is available for purchase directly from Vetnique Labs or from any one of the veterinary distributors listed below. If your distributor of choice is not listed please contact them directly to request Glandex®.