Glandex Anal Gland Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats
Glandex Anal Gland Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats
Glandex Anal Gland Support Starter Kit
Glandex Anal Gland Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats
Glandex Anal Gland Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats
Glandex Anal Gland Support Starter Kit

Glandex Anal Gland Support Starter Kit

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Boot the Scoot!™ It’s Time to Leave Your Dog’s Scooting BEHIND.

This Kit is for animal lovers who want the best for their pets! Glandex® was created by veterinarians specifically to help support anal gland function in dogs and cats.

Glandex's patented formula contains a unique fiber blend, omega fatty acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to support digestion, immunity, and seasonal allergies. Our Glandex® Kit includes both soft chews and powders delicious tasting real peanut butter and real beef liver that your pet will love. Give the recommended amount daily based on the weight of your pet. Get Glandex® today, and help your pet finally boot the scoot!™

Glandex® Anal Gland Starter Kit - Each kit includes the following supplements and supplies - Glandex 2.5oz Beef Liver Powder, Glandex 30 ct Peanut Butter Soft Chews, Glandex 24 ct Anal Gland Hygienic Pet Wipes, a Glandex Measuring Scoop and a BONUS ITEM!

Glandex® is Gluten-Free with NO Corn, Soy, or Wheat! Contains NO Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives, and is Made in the USA!

Glandex® Benefits:

  • Supports healthy anal gland function in pets
  • Typical results in 3-5 weeks, 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Veterinarian formulated & recommended
  • Great tasting flavors and easy daily dosing
  • Patented all-natural formula, made in the USA
  • All-natural premium ingredients including pumpkin seed, enzymes, & probiotics

How Glandex® Works:

    • Unique fiber blend including pumpkin seed to bulk and firm the stools which helps support the natural emptying of the anal glands
    • Omega fatty acids and other key ingredients that support pets with seasonal allergies and a healthy inflammatory response
    • Probiotics, prebiotics, & digestive enzymes support healthy digestion & immunity

    Instructions for Glandex® Use:

    When using Glandex® for the first time, please give ½ the recommended dose once daily for the first 5-7 days to allow your pet to adjust to the higher fiber content, and then gradually increase to the recommended amount. Typical results are in 3-5 weeks, however optimal results may take up to 2-3 months. If you haven’t seen improvement after the first 30 days, it is recommended to double the dose as some pets need a higher amount of fiber to see results.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Good experience so far

    Based on the first month, it seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. My Labrador's anal glands do not seem to be bothering him as much and his stools are of the same size and consistency as before, but do not seem to have as much volume as before. I had the glands expressed just before the product was delivered - and by now I would have expected to see some sign of them bothering him. Another month should be adequate to rate the effectiveness appropriately.

    Too soon to discern response

    My puppy never scooted, but she would try to lick area and there was that strong tell-tale malodor. She has been taking the daily dose of treats (and likes them) for approximately 4-5 weeks without any notable improvement except firmer stools. I will continue for another month or so and then decide on next step.


    My pup scoots much less than before

    It's ok

    I find it somewhat works. But still having to express him (the dog that is) manually about every 7-10 days.

    Anal Gland Starter Kit

    My dog now acts happy again after going to the bathroom. She does her duty, digs up the dirt and takes off running. I believe this has truly helped her.