July 'Opal' Anal Gland Success Case

Opal Anal Gland Success Case

Mirror mirror on the wall; who's the prettiest pug of them all? Opal is a 1-year-old pug with a one-of-a-kind character. She was rescued at 7 weeks old with a skull fracture that required immediate attention. With the help of her wonderful rescue parents, Opal is now happy, healthy, and full of energy! This is what her family had to say about using Glandex® for her...

"Opal started having gland issues about six months ago. She did not scoot, but she chased her tail, which is a symptom of anal gland issues. What was really tough to deal with is the constant (at least four times a day) release of that stinky, horrible, fishy smell. Opal would lick her rear-end whenever it happened. It was beyond gross. Opal is constantly with us on the couch when we watch TV, and she sleeps with us too, so you can just imagine how awful this problem was for us. Many trips to the vet for anal gland extraction yielded zero results. Our vet recommended that we feed Opal Metamucil in her food. Tried it…epic failure. She would not eat her food. Then one late night, I was perusing the internet, and an ad popped up for “Boot the Scoot,” Glandex peanut butter flavored soft chews. I rarely pay attention to ads, but we were desperate to find a solution, so it piqued my interest immediately. In the next few minutes, I ordered the product and set it up for a monthly delivery subscription. I could not wait for the product to arrive. I started giving it to Opal right away.

The first couple of days, nothing. Then a miracle happened. At about day 5, I noticed she had not released any of that fishy, horrible smell. Today, there is zero gland emission. PROBLEM SOLVED! What’s more, Opal looks forward to her chew every morning. To her, it is a delightful treat! She would eat the whole bag if she had a chance—just an added bonus to this wonderful product. When taking photos for this submission, she wanted that bag of Glandex chews opened. She was barking at the bag and grabbing it with her mouth. Now that’s a Pug that is in love with Glandex Chews! My husband and I (and Opal, too) are so grateful for this product. We will be sure to tell everyone that we know about it and especially our vet. Thanks again, Glandex, for the miraculous solution to this maddening and annoying problem!!!"