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Anal Gland & Digestive Support for Dogs & Cats

#1 Vet-Recommended Digestive and Anal Gland Health Brand*

boot the scoot!™

Anal gland supplements, deodorizing spray, & hygienic dog rear-end wipes for complete anal gland and digestive support


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#1 Vet-Recommended Digestive and Anal Gland Health Brand*

Anal Gland & Digestive Support

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Advanced Support Chews

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Anal Gland Support Chews

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Anal Gland Spray

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Anal Gland Support Powder

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Dermabliss Omega Fatty Acid Skin Supplement for Dogs

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Profivex® Five Strain Probiotic Soft Chew Treats for Dogs

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Wipes & Spray - Anal Gland Care Bundle for Dogs & Cats (15% OFF)

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Glandex® Anal Gland Hygienic Pet Wipes - 100 Fresh Scented Wipes

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Glandex® Chews & Wipes Bundle - Save 15%!

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Glandex Supports Healthy Anal Glands

Complete Anal Gland Support at Home

Boot the scoot™ with supplements to help naturally empty the anal glands, hygienic wipes to target fishy odors, and a medicated spray for fast-acting relief of tender and itchy rear-ends. Glandex offers complete digestive support for common stomach issues for dogs and cats.

Daily Supplements

Give dogs and cats daily supplements as a first line of defense against anal gland issues

Advanced Chews

Give Advanced Chews to dogs who need vet-strength support for anal glands


Hygienic Rear-End Wipes

Use hygienic wipes between baths or after messy bowel movements to soothe and cleanse rear-ends


Medicated Spray

For fast-acting relief from scooting, apply Medicated Spray to sore, itchy, or tender areas on your pet's rear-end


Vet-Formulated Digestion Soft Chews & Powder

Glandex's patented formula was created by a veterinarian to address scooting by supporting anal glands and digestive health in dogs and cats.

Digestive Support

Probiotics & Bromelain promote healthy GI function

Soluble & Insoluble Fibers

Pumpkin Seed & Apple Pectin help firm and bulk the stool


Flaxseeds Oil supports the immune system

Inflammatory Support

Quercetin & Vitamins help maintain normal histamine levels

Recommended by 75,000 Vets

“I love recommending Glandex to any of my patients who have anal gland issues. Some of these patients are just so uncomfortable but a small change like adding Glandex to the daily routine can drastically improve not only their quality of life but the owners as well!”

Dr. Hunter Finn, DVM

“Many of my canine patients need some help when it comes to managing their anal gland health. I am a big fan of Glandex chews––they provide fiber to promote stool bulk and natural anal gland expression. They contain antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins to combat oxidative damage while supporting the digestive tract and whole-body health.”

Dr. Patrick Mahaney, DVM

“Pumpkin seed fiber provides relief to anal gland irritation, and that’s when Vetnique’s Glandex comes into play. Since pumpkin seed is the main ingredient of Glandex, it helps minimize some of the anal gland issues."”

Dr. Adam Christman, DVM

"Simple changes to your pet’s nutrition can be a great way to manage their anal gland health. Glandex contains key ingredients like a unique fiber blend, omega fatty acids and probiotics to help support a healthy GI tract and normal anal gland function."

Dr. Hilary Wolfe, DVM

Why Pet Parents Love Glandex

“The power of fiber! My doggie loves these, she eats them up, goes and does her #2, and it's SOOOO much more improved! She's NOT scooting now!”

Karen T.

Glandex Anal Gland Chews with Pumpkin

Glandex Anal Gland Chews with Pumpkin
“I use 1/4 teaspoon of the powder a day, sprinkled over his dry food. It has eliminated the scoot and stinky stuff that sometimes leaks out. Give this product a try!”

Nancy T.

Glandex Anal Gland Support Powder

Glandex Anal Gland Support Powder
“I love that this item is on the natural side for your dogs and anal glands it has oatmeal and 1% hydrocortisone, 3% lidocaine, and can be used for cats and dogs.”

Jennifer M.

Glandex Medicated Spray

Glandex Medicated Spray
“I have been giving this supplement to our Pomchi, Gus, for awhile now. He came to us with a horrible scooting problem and was always in need of having glands expressed. This product works. Consistently. And he loves it! 5 stars.”

Pamela G.

Glandex Advanced Anal Gland Chews

Glandex Advanced Anal Gland Chews

Vet Founded, Vet Formulated, Vet Recommended

We're Vetnique, the Makers of Glandex. As a veterinarian-founded company, we genuinely understand the health needs of pets better than anyone. It’s what sets us apart! With our veterinary expertise, we offer unique solutions to everyday problems facing pet families. We don’t just help pets live happier, healthier lives––we help them thrive!

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