Boot the Scoot!™ Veterinarian Recommended for Dog Anal Glands with Guaranteed Results!


Made From the Highest Quality All-Natural Ingredients.

is proudly made in the U.S.A. using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients.  We are fanatical about the quality of the ingredients that we use and only source human-grade quality ingredients with NO artificial ingredients or preservatives and NO corn, soy, or wheat!  Glandex's patented formula is scientifically formulated and is a special blend of high quality fiber including pumpkin seed, natural anti-inflammatories, omega-3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics. Glandex comes as both a peanut butter soft chew treat and beef liver powder, both with a taste that your pet will absolutely love!  Simply give Glandex to your pet once daily using the recommended dosing guidelines and help your pet finally leave their anal gland problems behind.

Glandex® Active Ingredients

Glandex Fiber All natural supplement for dogs

  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Apple Pectin
  • Quercetin Dihydrate
  • Bromelain 600 GDU/g
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus

Glandex® Recommended Dosing & Number of Servings