Impacted or infected anal glands can be a painful, expensive problem for dogs, cats, and their owners! Finding a product to help keep these glands healthy can be life-changing for pets with this problem, and thankfully, there is a product to help.

Glandex is a product that can be given to healthy animals who are having problems expressing their glands normally to help promote healthy stools and normal expression of the gland material.

What are Anal Glands?

Anal glands are anatomic structures that sit near the anus, and they expel a small amount of stinky fluid when an animal has a bowel movement to let other animals know who that belonged to and to mark territory.  If stool consistency isn’t ideal, the pressure isn’t put on the glands and the liquid can get backed up and become thick. Once the liquid is thickened, it can’t escape the small ducts, and the gland can quickly become painful, impacted, or infected and can be difficult to resolve.

Where Are Anal Glands in Dogs

How Does Glandex Work?


Glandex is a proven supplement for dogs, providing high-quality insoluble fibers in the ingredients of both pumpkin seeds and apple pectin. Having these fundamental ingredients provides an ideal source of soluble fiber and helps bulk up the stool so that the glands are expressed normally with each defecation.

Glandex Ingredients

Anti Inflammatory Ingredients

Glandex has also incorporated anti-inflammatory ingredients to help with any irritation that the glands might be experiencing in dogs that have more chronic problems, or any underlying allergies that might be contributing to these chronic problems. Quercetin Dihydrate is a flavonoid found in many fruits and vegetables and has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine properties. Bromelain, an enzyme extracted from pineapple that increases the bioavailability of Quercetin, aids with digestion and reduces allergies & inflammation. Finally, in this great product, Lactobacillus Acidophilus has been included as a probiotic to help improve digestion and immune function.  Glandex contains all natural, premium ingredients, and is made in the U.S.A with globally sourced materials. 

Patented Formula

Glandex’s patented formula works to keep anal glands healthy and is much easier on pets and owners than having the glands expressed as frequently as they may need otherwise, as that can continue to irritate the glands. The anti-inflammatory and probiotic ingredients help to maintain gastrointestinal health and keep anal glands functioning normally. You will see results in 3-5 weeks if given as directed, and it comes in an easy to administer peanut butter flavor chew that dogs love.  This product is available for both dogs and cats. 

Glandex Hygenic Wipes

As well as the Glandex supplement for anal gland health, we have Glandex wipes that are fantastic for keeping pets clean when having anal gland problems. These wipes are designed as a convenient one-step process to clean the area after anal gland expression or when any odor is present due to any anal gland irritation. They contain Deoplex®, an enzymatic deodorizer that breaks up the smell on a molecular level. They also contain Vitamin E, aloe, skin conditioners, and moisturizers to soothe the area and a light fresh scent to keep pets smelling their best.

We know that once you try Glandex for your pet the results will speak for themselves and you can finally boot the scoot!

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