December 'Joey Lee' Anal Gland Success Cases #1

Joey Lee Glandex Pet of the Month December 2018

This beautiful girl is 'Joey Lee', she is around 5 years old and is a Pitbull & German Shepherd Mix! She is one of our November 2018 Glandex® Pets of the Month! This is what her family had to say about using Glandex® for her...

"We found your Glandex product on Ebay and we are so happy we did. We have a rescue pit/GSD with some reactive issues and taking her to the vet/groomer is sometimes so damn traumatic for her! Glandex is working just awesome. We just ordered more and wanted to say thank you."  –Amanda, Jay & Joey Lee (Canine Awesomeness)

Interesting Facts About Soley: Joey Lee's favorite pastime is to go to the park and chase her kong toy. She is 100% pure rescue awesomeness!