March 2014 "Nikki"

March 2014 "Nikki"

Nikki March Glandex Pet of the Month

This is "Nikki" our March Glandex® Pet of the Month! As you can see she is a very cute and adorable Maltese! Nikki is 3 years old and her anal gland problems have been a constant battle. Her owner was trying everything she could to get them under control. This is what Nikki's owner had to say about using Glandex®...

"My three year old Maltese Nikki’s anal glands had to be manually expressed every week to week and a half. As soon as she would start excessively licking her anal area I knew her glands were bothering her. I tried giving her raw canned pumpkin, apples, string beans and even tried switching her food. Nothing worked. I read about Glandex and called my vet to see if she was familiar with it. She said they just started carrying it and suggested I try it since all of the ingredients are natural.

Nikki has been on Glandex for almost six weeks now and I am amazed at the improvement. Her glands needed to be expressed once in six weeks and the expression was not as much or as thick as it used to be. I am so happy that my fluff ball does not need weekly anal gland expressions anymore.

I highly recommend Glandex and in fact I just told Nikki’s breeder about it since she happened to mention that her dog’s anal gland were bad.

Thank you for such a great product!!!!"

Jo Capasso ~ New Jersey