April 'Maggie Mae' Anal Gland Success Cases #1

Glandex Pet of the Month - April 2019 - Maggie

This beautiful girl is 'Maggie', and she is a 5-year-old Cairn Terrier! She is one of our April 2019 Glandex® Pets of the Month! This is what her mom had to say about using Glandex® for her...

"Maggie started to have anal problems about three years ago, she would run around

In circles growling at herself, and scooting, and making herself raw around her anus. The vet prescribed Fuciderm ointment at first after she had emptied the glands, and it did work, but only for a while.

She then suggested that we try the Glandex, and ‘gave’ me a bottle of 60, and charged my almost $80.00, which I thought was exorbitant, as I am a widow, and on a fixed income. Anyways, long story short, I went on to the Internet, and there you were, offering 120 chews for roughly the same price, so I was very thankful, and so was Maggie, and I’m happy to say that we haven’t had a problem since..... Touch wood and whistle! Maggie is our fifth Cairn Terrier, and the first to have this issue...other than that, she is perfect and dearly loved. Thank you again"  – Rosemary