December 2016 "Skitzo" - Anal Gland Success Case

December 2016 "Skitzo"

Skitzo Anal Gland Pet of the Month

This adorable girl is Skitzo a beautiful Shih Tzu and our December 2016 Glandex Pet of the Month!  This is what Skitzo's mom had to say about using Glandex for her...

"I was taking my dog Skitzo to the vet every 2 months to get her anal glands expressed. I could always tell when she was plugged so I knew. NOT AGAIN. lol After taking her to vet numerous of times the vet had told me about glandex. I was willing to try anything. I was at my wits end. The vet told me I would have to order it online and he also wanted some feedback on how skitzo was doing after she had been on it. Glandex is amazing,,,,, Skitzo is doing so good on it. What a treat not to go to the vet every other month. I'm sure skitzo is relieved as well,,,,, lol,, Best online purchase I ever made. Thank you glandex!!!!!!!!!"  Connie R.