January 'Charlie' Anal Gland Success Case

 Glandex Pet of the Month - January 2020

This handsome guy is Charlie, he is a 2-year-old Bull Terrier. Charlie is our January 2020 Glandex® Pet of the Month! This is what his dad had to say about using Glandex® for him...

"Charlie was a rescue, very timid and especially scared of men. I think one of the reasons the original owners were keen to let her go was the fact that her anal issue was so severe.

We would have it drained and within days the smell was back and it would leak profusely. I did consider having it surgically removed but was concerned about the complications often associated with that procedure. It was while researching the operation that I came across Glandex. Although skeptical, we had nothing to lose - we cannot believe the difference! We have had to have it drained once and even then the vet commented that it was not as full and the condition was vastly improved.

That is an understatement in my opinion - amazing product" 
 – Stewart

Charlie is a typical Bull Terrier, he loves the good life and giving all his love!