July 2016 "Kacey" - Anal Gland Success Case

July 2016 "Kacey"

Kasey Anal Gland Success Case

This handsome boy is "Kacey" our July 2016 Glandex® Pet of the Month!  What a beautiful Brittany Spaniel! This is what Kacey's mom had to say about using Glandex® for him… 

"I adopted an 9 week old puppy (Brittany Medium Breed). By approximately the 13th week started noticing a horrid smell, but was not able to figure out what it was.... One night while he was sleeping on top of me on my bed, I noticed he squirted something out of his butt that dripped down my leg! Boy, did it smell!! After that, he constantly licked his anals, which grossed us out, so we tried to not let him even get close to licking us and hampered our relationship with him! After many weeks passed (because I kept hoping it would go away as he grew), I brought him to the Vet and had his anals "expressed"--had NEVER even heard of this before! My Vet told me that in a larger breed dog/pup, this should not be happening at all. We ended up having to go back to the Vet every 2 weeks for his anals to be expressed. I was very unhappy because I felt that as cute as this pup was, I now have a disgusting & smelly problem with this pup and was very unhappy. Around the 6th Vet anal express visit, my Vet said she'd heard a lot about "Glandex", had success with a couple other older dogs, and suggested I try it. It has now been 4 months since my Britt has been on Glandex. We have not had to express his anals in all this time!! It is such a joy that we can now enjoy this puppy instead of being grossed out by him. Thank you for this amazing treat, which he loves, that has cured his problem. Just ordered more!! We will use for the rest of his life!!"  Stefanie Warrenband - Florida