March 'Prissy' Anal Gland Success Cases #1

Glandex March 2019 Pet of the Month - Prissy

This beautiful girl is 'Prissy', and she is a 7-year-old Imperial Shih Tzu! She is one of our March 2019 Glandex® Pets of the Month! This is what her dad had to say about using Glandex® for her...

"Prissy had a problem with her anal glands getting inflamed & she would scoot her butt along the floor or ground frequently. After her starting with a daily Glandex chew, it was a mere 2 weeks time until she no longer did the floor scooting. Glandex did indeed "Boot the Scoot"! Wonderful product that I recommend to everyone that has a butt scooting problem! Thank you."  – Anthony

Interesting Facts About Prissy: Prissy got her name from my late wife & I walking her after we got her. My wife noticed that as she walked, her rear end would swing side to side with a prissy little walk. She called my attention to it & said "look what a prissy little walk she has"! That should be her name, Prissy! Prissy is a sheer delight to have around as she's the most playful furry baby I've ever seen. It's a joy to have her as a member of the family!