Beau Anal Gland Success Case

This handsome boy is "Beau," a 3-year old Miniature Dachshund/Pekingese Mix. He is one of our June 2018 Glandex® Pets of the Month! This is what Beau's dad had to say about using Glandex® for him...

"Beau is a rescue dog. When I got him about 6 months ago, his BM's were very soft and pale, a very light tan color. He was going potty about twice a day. His stool was about two or three times the volume I thought it should be. Being a rescue dog I figured once I got him on a quality dog food he would get to be normal. That didn't happen. I tried different things such as a high fiber dog food, adding pumpkin to his food, etc. The pumpkin seemed to help the most but i don't think I was giving enough. While on the Foster and Smith website I came across Glandex. Although he doesn't have any of the problems you listed associated with anal glands I decided to try it after reading the ingredients. I felt the pumpkin (fiber) probiotics and yogurt culture would help. I started giving him the recommended dosage and started seeing an improvement with in a week. I have been treating him with Glandex for more than a month now and the color and consistency of his poop appears very normal. The volume is normal and he usually only goes once a day. I am extremely happy with the results. My Vet has also ordered your product after hearing about the results I have gotten. I understand he has recommended or prescribed Glandex for dogs with diarrhea and other problems. –Joe"

Interesting Facts About Beau:  3 year old dogs have boundless energy and Beau gets these burst quite often.  Once, when this happened, he went tearing through the house, running down the hall, into the bathroom, jumping on the bedroom chair and onto the bed or plowing into his bed in front of the bookcase.  What was really funny, is that one time he ran down the hall and then came charging back towards the back door.  Just before he got to the door, he jumped up into the air and spun around 180 degrees!  He landed and took off again. I've never seen a dog do that but he is quite the character!