May 'Reggie' Anal Gland Success Case

Reggie Anal Gland Success Case

Meet Reggie, the ADORABLE Cockapoo. Reggie is a typical mischievous 6 month old puppy who loves playing with his favorite giraffe toy. Reggie has an unique talent and isn't afraid to show it off! Every day, he likes to make his parents laugh by singing for them. This is what his mom had to say about using Glandex® for him...

"Reggie came to us at 8 weeks as a small and underweight puppy with the odds stacked against him. At his very first puppy check, we were informed that Reggie had blocked anal glands and the vet was concerned for a puppy so young to experience these issues. He would cry, scratch, bite his tail end, and continually scoot. We would return to the vet every 7 - 10 days for the anal glands to be expressed, the administration of copious courses of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory injections, and general distress. The vet suggested that we research Glandex and I promptly made an order of the Glandex Soft Chews for Dogs. Reggie has now been taking the chews for a month. He thinks is a treat and has not suffered any further blocked gland behavior since. He has returned to the vet twice since starting the Glandex for an anal gland check-up and has been symptom-free which I am sure is due to the regular Glandex administration. This has stopped all the scooting and discomfort not only for Reggie but also for us and the veterinary visits. I cannot recommend Glandex highly enough."