October 'Leo' Anal Gland Success Case

Leo is just about the cutest little guy you will ever meet! His mom says he is the best big brother to his two younger dog siblings and lets them play with all of his toys. Here is what his mom had to say about using Glandex® for him...

"Leo has had anal gland issues since he was less than a year old. The veterinarian had instructed us not to allow the groomer to express them and to bring him to the vet's office for it. He had numerous infections for a while, needed oral antibiotics, and needed to be packed constantly. We talked about surgery to remove them, and then the vet mentioned that she just heard another one of her patients having luck with your product. I was not convinced, but it was certainly worth the gamble. He starred on the glandex anal gland supplement, and within a month, he was showing improvement, both with his glands not filling as quickly and also with his stools being better formed. I know these two issues can go hand in hand. Leo has now only needed his glands expressed once every two months or so, and no infections since December (woohoo)! Thank you, Glandex, for helping my dog's health!"

Leo Anal Gland Success Case