Glandex® Gives - Together Helping Animals

Join Our Cause!  Let's Help to Save the Lives of Animals Together!

Our Glandex® Gives program is a great way for us all to get involved in benefiting the lives of animals.  Along with our regular monthly contributions, we will match your donation to your favorite animal charity.  Simply add any donation to your order in any $1.00 denomination that you feel comfortable with.  We will match that donation and send to any of the selected charity or charities you choose.

We currently are supporting the following causes:

Thanks for your support and for joining our cause!  Go to our Glandex Gives Page to donate now!

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  • Joan T Masters

    I am very concerned about the nature of the food I give to my pets. I would like to see you produce products that are organic. Also, as liquid is also an issue in my Chihuahua’s impacted glands, I am very pleased you’ve provided a soft chew, I would also be interested in recipes for “gravy” I could make for her with the granular products- and perhaps a flavor other than beef. My Chihuahua would rarely bring down a cow in the wild, which is why I try to stay with fowl or fish flavored. (Thankfully no one makes bug flavor!)

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