Vetnique® Products

Vetnique Labs is the company that makes the Glandex® Powder, Soft Chews, and Wipes that has helped pets around the globe boot the scoot!™ In addition to Glandex, Vetnique Labs also produces other products we know your pet will love! Everyone here at Vetnique Labs takes great pride and dedication in the work that we do. Our dedicated team of pet lovers is just as concerned about your pet's well being as you are and we are committed to delivering the highest quality products for your pet.

In addition to Glandex®, Vetnique Labs also produces other high-quality products for your pets to enjoy. Check them out!:

  • Furbliss is a revolutionary, multi-function silicone pet brush that animals love!
  • Profivex is a premium probiotic for dogs and cats containing FIVE of the most beneficial strains of probiotics for pets plus FIVE Billion CFUs per scoop