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GogoDogo Glandex Review

"It’s been almost 2 months since Bain has been on Glandex, and during our time so far I have noticed a lot of major changes. Drum roll please? No more anal leakage, no more of that fishy odour, and I would say he licks his booty as much as the average dog now. His bowel movements are a lot more healthy, and so much easier to clean up as they are much more firm and bulky.

I’ve been completely amazed with the positive changes I’ve seen, and I’m sure Bain is much more happy inside and out.

I am more than thrilled this worked out very well for Bain, and he gives a definite 2 big paws up!"

April Nichols, GogoDogo

CriticalCareDVM Blog Anal Gland Abscesses in Pets

"Anal gland problems are some of the most common reasons pet parents bring their fur babies to veterinarians for examination. As a clinician, a product like Glandex that is formulated with safe and effective all-natural ingredients affords me a non-drug option to promote anal gland health in my patients.”

Dr. Christopher Byers, DVM - Internal Medicine & Emergency/Critical Care Veterinary Specialist, Nebraska - CriticalCareDVM

"They say that Glandex has guaranteed results within 3-5 weeks to help “boot the scoot!” YES I can say that this is TRUE! It only took 4 weeks to have no incidents! I am so happy seeing that my baby is not miserable anymore! We will continue to buy Glandex!"

Brenda Brown - The Small Things

"After perhaps the 3rd or 4th week I noticed that there was less scooting and accidental expressions on my lap! I would recommend this product to any pet parent who sees that their dog might have issues with their anal glands. Too much scooting or accidental anal gland expressions are embarrassing and can even mean more complicated problems. But I would try Glandex to add more fiber to your pet's diet and get those issues under control"

Abby Chestnut - The Chestnut Mutts


"After adding Glandex to his food, I haven't noticed Mr. N scooting at all. He usually scoots once or twice a month (although usually not in public) and I would have to take him to get his glands expressed but I haven't had to do that."

Tenacious Little Terrier

"In my case I felt like Glandex definitely did what it said it would, firmed up my stool to help naturally empty my glands, and it seemed to prolong my visits to have them expressed manually. I also noticed I had less gas (unless I eat jerky….that always does it to me!) I’ll probably forever be the type of dog that has to have them manually done, but with Glandex at least I can help avoid those visits a little bit longer."

Ammo the Dachshund

"The last time that I had to stop her scooting was on day 10, since then (about 3 weeks now) she hasn't been scooting at all. It seemed like Glandex took about four days to kick in some, and 10 days to fully work but since then we've managed to completely #BootTheScoot. Glandex has already saved us a vet appointment fee so it’s basically paid for itself. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a cat or dog with anal gland trouble."

Emily Reviews

"We are loving the difference Glandex is making for Little Bit. While the other pups thought she looked silly (well even I thought it was strange looking), we are glad to say goodbye to the scoot! While a dog scooting across the floor is not a pleasant site, the main reason we’re happy is that she is no longer irritated and in pain from her anal glands. We want to keep that cute little butt healthy and happy!"

Miss Molly Says

This Pug Life

"At this point we’ve been using the Glandex supplements for over 6 weeks and Pug has had zero spontaneous anal gland leaks. For us, it’s been a great success and the first thing to work besides manually expressing. I really thought Pug’s poop was perfectly healthy before, but Glandex made the difference."

Andrea, This Pug Life

"Luna continued to receive the Glandex Beef Liver Powder for breakfast each day. Throughout the whole month of October I didn’t see her scoot once and her fishy smell was under control. That is until October 30, 2015 when I forgot to send it with her while she stayed at my parents’ house when I was out of town. She was only off her Glandex supplement for a few days, but the scoot came back!

I started giving Luna her Glandex powder again on November 3, 2015 and we had her anal glands expressed on November 8, 2015. No scooting or fishy smell since! We’ll be continuing to use Glandex as part of Luna’s regular routine because I’ve been very pleased to see no scooting!"

Jessica Shipman, Beagles & Bargains

"October 10th was the last day I saw Shiner show any signs that her anal glands were bothering her. That was over a month ago and almost 3 weeks after she started taking Glandex. After a while, it got to the point that I didn't have much to record because I wasn't seeing any butt scooting or licking.

I'm also quite pleased with how firm her stool is now. You can tell by that smiley face on the journal page :)"

Ann Staub, Pawsitively Pets

Paws Mahal Blog

"Within two weeks of usage, his anal glands were not swollen and the problem was solved. The powder, if mixed with a little water, makes a very tasty gravy. I am very happy with this product as it solved my Golden’s problems – as well as making his dinner tasty. So there you have it! Glandex WORKS! It isn’t a fad product, it’s an effective one."

The Paws Mahal Blog

lapdog creations Glandex review

"Sophie has been getting daily doses of Glandex for about five weeks now, alternating between the powder and soft chews. She happily gobbles up the soft chew, and doesn't miss a kibble when I sprinkle the powder on her dinner... but if I had to guess, I'd say the soft chews are probably her favorite just because she thinks she's getting an extra 'treat.' You're probably thinking, okay so it's easy to give to our pets and Sophie thinks it's tasty, but does it work? The answer is an enthusiastic yes! Not only have we seen a visible improvement in the firmness of her stools, but I'm happy to report that we have not seen any scooting during this time! And that, my fellow parents of boot-scooting-dogs, deserves a loud woo-hoo!"

Lapdog Creations Blog