Glandex® Feline Anal Gland Supplement with Pumpkin - 4.0 oz

Glandex® Feline Anal Gland Supplement with Pumpkin - 4.0 oz
Glandex® Feline Anal Gland Supplement with Pumpkin - 4.0 oz Back of Packaging
Boot the Scoot with Glandex® Feline Anal Gland Supplement with Pumpkin - 4.0 oz
Dosing for Glandex® Feline Anal Gland Supplement with Pumpkin - 4.0 oz
Veterinary Formulated
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Vet Founded. Vet Formulated. Vet Recommended.
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Vet Founded. Vet Formulated. Vet Recommended.™

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    Boot the Scoot!™

    Glandex® Feline Powder is veterinarian formulated specifically to help support anal gland function in cats. The patented Glandex formula contains a unique fiber blend, omega fatty acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to support digestion, seasonal allergies, and enhance the immune response. Our Glandex Feline Powder is made with real tuna flavor that your cat will love. Give the recommended amount daily, and help your cat leave their anal gland worries behind!

    Pet's WeightDaily AmountQuantity per 4.0 oz Bottle
    Cats up to 25 lbs
    1 Scoop (1/2 tsp) 97 (3 months)

    At Vetnique Labs LLC, we stand behind our products and quality controls. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our products for your pet that we offer a 3-month hassle-free guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with a Vetnique Labs pet product you purchased from Vetnique Labs or one of our authorized resellers, you may request a full refund of the purchase price of the product or a replacement product within 3 months of the date of original purchase.

    Veterinarian Formulated

    Vetnique exists to help your pet thrive! That's why we carefully select only the most premium ingredients for our products. Whether we're using a clinically proven medicated ingredient or an all-natural botanical, every ingredient is used with intention by our expert veterinary formulators.


    Pumpkin Seed Powder

    Soluble and insoluble fibers like Pumpkin and Apple Pectin help to bulk & firm stools to support natural emptying of the anal glands.



    Supports dogs and cats with seasonal allergies and itchy bottoms by supporting a healthy inflammatory response.



    Supports the immune system while promoting healthy digestion and a balanced gut microbiome.


    Many of my canine patients need some help when it comes to managing their anal gland health. I am a big fan of Glandex chews––they provide fiber to promote stool bulk and natural anal gland expression. They contain antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins to combat oxidative damage while supporting the digestive tract and whole-body health.

    Dr. Patrick Mahaney

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As with all of our Glandex supplements, it is recommended to start at half of the recommended amount for the first week before gradually increasing to the full recommended amount (listed by weight on the label/packaging). 

    All of our Glandex supplements are safe, contain all-natural ingredients, and are veterinarian-formulated and recommended. When starting your pet on our Glandex Supplements or transitioning your pet to the Advanced chews, giving half the recommended amount for the first week allows their bodies to adjust to the increased amounts of fiber and other key ingredients. While side effects are uncommon, it is possible for mild stomach upset to occur similar to adjusting to high fiber diets.


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