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Dermabliss Hot Spot Chlorhexidine  & aloe Spray
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Ditch the Itch!™

Break the cycle of your pet’s painful hot spots with Dermabliss™ Medicated Hot Spot Spray for Dogs. This highly concentrated, veterinarian-formulated spray targets the bacteria responsible for your pet’s skin irritation using broad-spectrum anti-bacterial Chlorhexidine. Our non-stinging, leave-on spray also contains Aloe to soothe red, inflamed skin. This medicated hot spot spray for dogs will help your pet finally be free from hot spots and ditch the itch!™ Dermabliss Hot Spot Spray for Dogs is recommended by veterinarians as an extra-strength treatment for hot spots in dogs, cats, and horses. Since hot spots stem from the irritation caused by bacterial overgrowth on the skin, these microbes must first be destroyed to help curb your pet’s desire to itch or lick the area. Our highly concentrated Chlorhexidine medicated spray kills excess skin bacteria to cleanse and treat the affected area while helping soothe and protect the skin for long-term relief.  

Directions for Use

Dispense by parting the fur and spraying 6–8 inches from the affected area, making certain to wet the skin. Do not allow animal to lick treated areas. Use 2–3 times a day as needed or as directed by your veterinarian. Wash hands after use.

At Vetnique Labs LLC, we stand behind our products and quality controls. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our products for your pet that we offer a 3-month hassle-free guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with a Vetnique Labs pet product you purchased from Vetnique Labs or one of our authorized resellers, you may request a full refund of the purchase price of the product or a replacement product within 3 months of the date of original purchase.

Veterinarian Formulated

Vetnique exists to help your pet thrive! That's why we carefully select only the most premium ingredients for our products. Whether we're using a clinically proven medicated ingredient or an all-natural botanical, every ingredient is used with intention by our expert veterinary formulators.


4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate

A maximum strength antibacterial designed to kill bacteria around the hot spot and sanitize the skin against further bacterial growth.


Aloe Vera

Helps to soothe the skin while providing essential antioxidants that can help maintain the skin’s protective layers to provide hot spot relief.



Helps lock in moisture to keep the skin barrier healthy and the skin feeling soft and smooth.


There are so many products labeled "hot spot spray" on the market that are sold over the counter to pet parents that provide no actual benefits for their pets. I love the Dermabliss Hot Spot Spray for my patients because it actually contains ingredients that can help. It is medicated with 4% Chlorohexidine to fight bacteria and yeast on the skin, actually treating these self-induced hot spots in dogs and cats.

Dr. Joya Griffin

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog hot spots happen when a dog has chewed, licked, or scratched an area of the skin to the point of rawness. Hot spots are also called "acute moist dermatitis" because they appear as red, moist lesions or bald patches on the skin. Seasonal allergies are one of the main causes of skin itching and irritation that cause dogs to get hot spots. 

Our Dermabliss Hot Spot Spray is vet-formulated for pets suffering from skin irritation or raw, broken skin caused by hot spots. Our Dermabliss Anti-Itch Allergy Spray is vet-formulated to soothe itchy, irritated skin caused by seasonal allergies in dogs. Our Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Spray is vet-formulated to target irritation caused by active bacterial and fungal infections on the skin. All three medicated sprays are specifically formulated by veterinarians and can be used to help soothe the type of skin irritation that best matches what your dog is experiencing!


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