Glandex® Testimonials

Fantastic Product!

"I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and recently adopted a rescue golden/bassett mix. Scooting was happening a couple of times daily, and even after manually expressing his anal glands, he would be begin scooting again within a couple of days. It took about 3 weeks after beginning your product to see the scooting cease, and I have observed his anal glands expressing naturally during the defecation process. This product is nothing short of amazing! ( I purchased the chews. ) I will be recommending your product to clients!"

 Melissa Bires, R.V.T.

I'm a fan of Glandex

"Anal gland problems are some of the most common reasons pet parents bring their fur babies to veterinarians for examination. As a clinician, a product like Glandex that is formulated with safe and effective all-natural ingredients affords me a non-drug option to promote anal gland health in my patients.”

 Dr. Christopher Byers, D.V.M.
Internal Medicine & Emergency/Critical Care Veterinary Specialist, Nebraska

We all love it!

"I have circulated the products among the staff in the clinic and the feedback has been 100% positive! The wipes have been fantastic in eliminating the odor from expressing anal glands during a consult and the dogs don’t immediately spend their time cleaning themselves after either. One of our receptionist's dachshund has chronic problems with full anal glands but since being on the powder is producing better-formed feces and increased amounts."

Francesca Bard, D.V.M., Wood Farm Vets, UK

Peanut Butter Chews!

"The fact that Glandex has a peanut butter chew, means that there’s a great option for dogs who suffer from food allergies (for some dogs, allergies to animal proteins can be a contributing factor in recurrent anal gland issues). I highly recommend this supplement to prevent anal gland problems in pets!"

Dr. Jason Nicholas

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Truly Helpful

"I have about a dozen patients using Glandex. Every one of them has refilled it and have expressed no problems with giving it to their dogs. All of them are patients we see for chronic anal gland problems, even some that have had abscesses. It has truly helped about 10 of the 12. The jury is still out on the other two, as we are still having to see them monthly to have the anals expressed. The others, though, monthly has turned into quarterly, and even then their glands are not that full. Our clients are recommending it to other clients, so they are very pleased. Thanks"

Dr. Melanie Butera, D.V.M.
Elm Ridge Animal Hospital, Ohio

Cats love Glandex too!

"My cat had a ruptured anal gland a few months ago. I brought her into work with me (I am a registered veterinary technician at an emergency clinic) and one of my doctors recommended Glandex to prevent any further anal gland issues. She has been on Glandex for a few months now (we just purchased our second bottle) and she has had no recurrent anal gland issues! Glandex now comes to mind when we have patients come in for ruptured anal glands (dogs and cats alike)! I am 100% confident in recommending Glandex to my clients because it definitely worked for my own fur baby! Thanks, Glandex!"

Kristin Leeds, R.V.T.

Decreased Expressions!

"Since dispensing Glandex to our patients, we have seen good compliance and return for the product; especially with our patients with chronic anal gland issues. It has become easier and less uncomfortable for them to have their anals expressed, helped decrease the need to continuously express glands more than usual, and even decreased the frequency of infections!"

Kayla C., R.V.T. & Assistant Office Manager
American Veterinary Clinic, Wisconsin

Restored My Faith

"I have bought so may products that claim to do a variety of things with no positive results. Glandex has restored my faith in truth in advertising. Their product Glandex is great because it works!! It does what it says it does and to quote them "it boots the scoot" I highly recommend Glandex if your dog's annual gland have a tendency to fill up and cause discomfort."

Monica, Glandex Customer

Good Feedback!

"Since dispensing Glandex to our patients with anal gland problems, we have received really good feedback with many of our clients telling us how well it works for their pets and frequently coming back for more."

Marisol Pizano, Office Manager, Ambassador L.B. Veterinary Hospital, California

A Big Help

"I have been dispensing Glandex to my toy breed patients for about 6 months now. Most, if not all of these clients are reporting an improvement in their dog's anal gland condition. Now many dogs have Glandex to thank for their happiness!"

Dr. Louis Calabrese, D.V.M.
Adirondack Veterinary Service, New York

Chews are Awesome!

"Clients are very pleased with the Glandex chews! We have had clients who used to come monthly for anal gland expression and now push it out to every 6 weeks!"

Christine, C.V.T.
True Veterinary Care, Wisconsin

Reduced Expressions

"So far has worked in the reduction of the amount of time have to have patient return to have the anal glands expressed. My two dogs have been on it first and I have gone from doing the one-year-old Miniature Schnauzer every 3 weeks to every 7-8 weeks with only about 4 months of usage."

Dr. Christine Martin, D.V.M.
Critters and Pals Animal Clinic, Missouri

Dog Anal Glands

"If you’re tired of frequent visits to your veterinarian for dog anal gland expression, it’s time to try Glandex, an effective, safe, and natural solution for dog anal gland problems."

Dr. Anna Coffin, D.V.M.
Guthrie Pet Hospital, Oklahoma

It Works

""So far the feedback has been very positive. We are out about two months with the product and it seems to be helping the vast majority. There have been a few that it didn't help but overall I am very happy."

Dr. Steve Pelton, D.V.M.
Hearthstone Animal Clinic, Texas

Glandex is a Staple Item

"We are happy to say that Glandex has become a staple in our store! Our customers love how it helps their pets and we will always stock it."

Carol B., Owner
2 Paws 4 U Pet Bakery & Treats, Illinois

Avoided Surgery

"I started with the peanut butter chews and then ordered the powder. As a registered veterinary technician, I was getting ready to schedule my dogs appt for removing his anal glands. Decided to try this as a last ditch effort. So glad I did! Only had to express them a few times during this 2 months. I'm still giving it more time and will order again. Thank you Glandex. When ordered, it comes quickly."

Kelly H., R.V.T
Kryder Veterinary Clinic, Indiana

Best Wipes!

"Hands down, the best canine bottom clean-up wipes I've ever used! I use them in my hospital as a Veterinary Assistant and at home for my dog Oliver's gland issues. They smell fantastic, and not anything like the usual chemically perfumed dog wipes. They are thick enough to use just one, even for dirty jobs. I recommend them to friends, family, and clients at any opportunity!"

Kaitlin Grocky, Veterinary Assistant
Banfield Pet Hospital

Helps Us to Help Our Clients

"We recently started carrying the Glandex products to help our clients deal with Anal gland issues. We have been selling the product for a few months and getting excellent feedback from our clients. We are excited to offer our clients an alternative to the uncomfortable anal gland expression procedure with a product that really works! Thanks, Dr!"

Emily Warren, Creature Comforts Pet Resort
Angola, New York


"I have provided this product to my grooming clients. I have noticed a decrease in the frequency of expressions, the amount of material expressed at each visit, and a decrease in pungent odor. I highly recommend this product."

Jennifer Roberts, Owner
JR Pet Services, Virginia


"Have tried with several patients and have had no complaints and only good reviews!"

Kellie Kite, Office Manager
Hickory Plaza Veterinary Clinic, Tennessee

Significant Improvement

"Our patients have shown significant improvement since using this product. Owners seem to be very happy with the outcome!"

Dr. Sheila Lindsay, DVM
Fall River Veterinary Clinic, South Dakota

It works well

"Most of our clients continue to come back for more, because it works so well for their pets. :)"

Dr. Shannon King, D.V.M.
Valley View Veterinary Hospital, Montana

Peanut Butter Chews!

"After perhaps the 3rd or 4th week I noticed that there was less scooting and accidental expressions on my lap! I would recommend this product to any pet parent who sees that their dog might have issues with their anal glands. Too much scooting or accidental anal gland expressions are embarrassing and can even mean more complicated problems. But I would try Glandex to add more fiber to your pet's diet and get those issues under control"

Abby Chestnut
The Chestnut Mutts

Helps Us to Help Our Clients

"I have received good results with my dog as well as many clients' pets. We sell all sizes and it is more cost effective to purchase the larger size."

Erin O., Owner
Ponga's Pet Palace, Louisiana

Wonderful Product

"My staff and clients are very happy with this product. The time between anal gland expressions has increased drastically. There appears to be less scooting and discomfort in the dogs as well. Overall, I am so happy we brought this product into our practice."

Kelly Maes
Serenity Animal Hospital, Michigan

Satisfied Customers

"Our customers are very satisfied with the Glandex product. It has really helped with those animals that need to have anal problems every 4-6 weeks."

Julie Oxford, Practice Manager
Westside Animal Clinic, Oklahoma

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To Whom It May Concern
"We were having trouble with our Cocker Spaniel's anal glands. We looked it up on the computer & read about Glandex. I ordered a trial size and it has done miracles. It has really helped her, she is a completely different dog. We are completely satisfied with the results of the product. We have already ordered a full sized bottle. Thank you"
–Carolyn B, Tennessee

It Works!!!
"FIVE STARS!!! Jasmine has gotten so much relief from Glandex. In fact, I told her vet about it today. I will be ordering more."
–Jane Ellen, Alabama

My Testimonial
"I have bought so may products that claim to do a variety of things with no positive results. Glandex has restored my faith in truth in advertising. Their product Glandex is great because it works!! It does what it says it does and to quote them "it boots the scoot" I highly recommend Glandex if your dog's annual gland have a tendency to fill up and cause discomfort."
–Monica, Connecticut

Glandex Used for Dog
"We were having issues with our two-year-old Cavachon "butt-scooting" to the point where we were having to have frequent anal gland clean-out procedures done. We were concerned that too frequent cleaning would lead to further problems. We began using Glandex, blending the recommended amount in with his food, and the butt scooting problems have disappeared for good. It's a miracle! I highly recommend this product. We will continue using it on a permanent basis. Our dog likes the taste of the supplement as well."
–Trisha, California

"My 13 yr old Pom was looking at having gland removal surgery and since I have been using this in her food, she seems to be cleared up. The vet said "whatever you are doing for her, keep it up. It looks like she may not need surgery after all." That's the best news I've heard in a while for her! Thank you!

Thank you
"I have purchased Glandex twice now for my two dogs and it really works!!! They are much healthier, and happier, since I have added Glandex to their food. I saw an immediate difference in the size of their droppings and noticed a difference in their overall health and attitude. Thank you for such a great product for my buddies!"
–Laurie, Arizona

Awesome Product
"I used this product for my German Shepherd that has had problems with her anal sacs and anal fistulas for many years. This dog is now been clear for 2 months of both problems and we both are very grateful to have found your product. My vet is very impressed with the success and is recommending this product to other clients."
–Jan, Wyoming

Finally Firm!
"No more coming home to a stinky house where the dog's anal glands have been permeating all day, no more surprise pains from the glands causing the dog to jump and furiously chomp at his butt, and much firmer easier to pick up poo. Thanks, Glandex!"
–Erin, Missouri

"Got this about a year or more ago. So far, this product has worked so well, my dog no longer needs surgery (knock wood)! We just visit the vet for quarterly gland expressions, and that's it. THANK YOU, Glandex!!"
–Candace F.

Helped Avoid Surgery
"This product has been so effective for our mini dachshund that we got it for my sister's mini dachshund and so far, it seems to be making a difference for him, too. Love this product & our Doxies seem to love the taste, too!"
–Kathryn, South Carolina

Anal Glands
"My dogs must love either the taste or the smell because they have never eaten their food as fast as they do now. (I make their food with grilled boneless skinless chicken breast and sojo grainfree food). I have only been putting Glandex in their food for about 1 month and have not had my dog back to vet to have them expressed but so far it seems to be the way to go. My veterinarian is the one that suggested we try it and he has been our Dr for 20+ yrs. The next time I take them in I will have them express them and if they are good I will rate Glandex 10 out of 5 because of the cost and time to take them to the vet."
–Brad, Florida

Glandex - Anal Gland Problems...
"Since starting Glandex 2-3 weeks ago, I have only noted one time when my dog had a problem with smell from anal glands, and that time was very minor compared to others in the past..... so far so good. Was glad for the recommendation from our friend's daughter whom is a vet :)"
–Amy, Wisconsin

Glandex for Dogs & Cats
"Seems to have taken care of the problem. The Glandex works good and what a relief to see my dogs doing well."
–Leo, Washington

Glandex Review
"After about 2 weeks our precious little girl quit the licking and problems she was having, and we were so glad. She loves the taste of the Glandex and is happy to receive her treat of Glandex first thing each morning. We no longer are having to wash her blanket or bed so frequently due to the horrible smell. We are so thankful we read about Glandex online and even our vet was happy to hear that we were giving her Glandex. Thank-You so very much for your product!!!!!"
–Judy D.

Really Works
"Our dog had recurrent anal gland infections and was going for regular laser treatments. We added this supplement to his diet and he has not had an infection in over 5 months! Great product. He loves the taste too!"
–Tracy, Pennsylvania

Anal Gland Problems
"My little Lulu, a Havanese, who is about to turn 2 years old has had anal gland issues since last year. In October she started taking Glandex, and ever since then, I have only had to make one trip to the vet! This product is amazing and I'm so happy that I found this. This is a wonderful solution especially for smaller breeds with anal gland problems! Thank you so much!!"
–Danielle, New York

Glandex Works!!
"I bought this for my cat who has been having anal gland problems. We were taking her every 3 months to the vet to have them expressed and she hated it. We started her on Glandex after the last time we had her glands expressed and have not had to have them done again. She did go to the vet last week for her yearly exam and he did check her glands. They were not full this time and it had been over 8 months since she had been. The only thing that has changed was using the Glandex. We mix it with her canned food in the morning, and it has definitely done the trick. She's very happy and so are we!"
–Nancy, Missouri

It Actually WORKS!
"In my life I have had many dogs, big ones, little ones, medium ones. I have loved and cherished each one who made me a part of their lives. Having had so many dogs, I have learned to recognize many problems they incur. Everything from "hot spots" to sore joints and allergies. And the one I always found the most disconcerting was anal gland build up, especially in smaller dogs. At the moment I have a mini Shih tzu, a Chihuahua, and a big old Basset Hound. I started them all on Glandex on my vets advice. I am happy to report that after a year of Glandex they have no more anal gland problems and digest their food much better. I would not have believed it if I had not experienced it. No more scooting, and no more expunging which I didn't like and they hated. I totally recommend this product."
–Thomas, Texas

Outstanding Product
"I came across an ad for Glandex on the web and decided to give it a try. I have 2 large dogs, a siberian husky and a golden retriever that both have troubles with buildup in the anal glands. So far I am very pleased with your product!! I've noticed much less scooting, and better bowel movements. Thank you all for coming up with Glandex and I will be definitely re-ordering more bottles because I can see that it is working and my dogs are a lot happier!!"
–Christine, Illinois

Glandex's the BEST!
"Our dog no longer scoots around on the carpet and we don't need to see the vet on a regular basis. Glandex does exactly what it's supposed to do!"
–Beverly K.

Excellent Product
"Our chihuahua - Coco - is 13 years of age. She was having several age-related problems - one of which was severe problems with her anal glands. We came very close to having Coco "put down" I went online and happened across your product. After giving Coco Glandex with each meal for several days - her problems began to show marked improvement. She loves the taste of Glandex - as shown by her appetite improving and her eagerness to eat. After using Glandex for several weeks most of Coco's problems have cleared up - she is much as she was as a younger dog - honestly, it is like a miracle. I don't write reviews for products but how could I not write one for you guys? Thank you for an excellent product!!!!!!"
–Frank, Florida

Glandex for Dogs 5.3 oz
"It really works! Love it or I should say my dog loves it :)"
–Chris, Montana

Glandex - Great Product
"I was tired of spending a lot of money on the Vet visits to get my dogs glands expressed. So I did some research and found this product on the internet. I decided to try it. I am so glad that I did because Glandex has helped my dog tremendously. It's been over a month and I have not had to visit the Vet. Thank you Glandex!"
–Hazel James, California

This Really Works!!
"My 4-year-old Golden has had chronic anal gland problems since he was a puppy. We would regularly make a visit to the veterinarian to have them expressed, sometimes every 6 weeks. A friend gave me a sample to try & the results were impressive, I ordered 2 bottles since the sample and the results have been amazing. So far it appears to be working great for him, no "scooching" or biting at his behind:-) It has been nearly 3 months since his last vet visit, I highly recommend this to anyone who has this chronic problem."
–Sheila, Colorado

Glandex Review
"Haven't gotten through the whole bottle yet, so don't think I've seen the full effects. Her glands were full on last vet visit, but she hasn't leaked it 2 weeks, so that's something good. I'll keep using."
–Tina, Michigan

Has Helped
"The Glandex has definitely helped. It hasn't completely eliminated the problem. The discharge is less and we are making less trips to the groomers which is a big plus. My pug loves to eat the Glandex powder when we mix it with some pumpkin and his kibble, but then Pugs will eat anything."
–Michelle, Oregon

"I was having problems with my dog Sadie, who kept releasing the odor from her anal glands. I also had to have them cleaned on a regular bases. I was looking on the internet about the surgery and came across your product. She has been on Glandex for about a month and I love it. It has made a big change. I hardly ever smell the odor and she is not constantly dragging her hind end. I would recommend this product to everyone. Thanks for coming out with it. A life saver."
–San Juanita, North Carolina

"My loving pet dog is doing much better after I started using Glandex. I am so happy I found this great product that works! I will buy again and again. Thank you so much for having the wonderful health product available!"
–Maria, Florida

Glandex for Dogs
"We have been using Glandex for our Bichon P.J. She had been having some issues with her anal gland, I imagine it was very itchy. Since using Glandex for about a month, P.J. has not been scratching her butt on the carpet for at least 2 weeks now. You need to give it some time to work, about a week or two. Very satisfied with the product!!"
–Leo, Pennsylvania

"I am very happy with results I am getting using Glandex. It has been a great help to my dog. Thanks for this product."
–Anonymous, California

Anal Glands
"Within one week of administering Glandex, my dog stopped the constant licking and biting."
–Kelley, Florida

Glandex Anal Gland Support
"Notably less "scooting"!! No more little dry pebbles. Eliminations are quicker, smoother and more complete in size. My dog seems happier. No need to schedule manual gland extraction I have no doubt he'll stay happy!!"
–Deborah, New Jersey

Glandex for Dogs
"We were facing possible surgical removal of our little Chihuahua's glands and she's almost 13 years old. Really scared of that option. Purchased the Glandex for Dogs and 3 weeks now and her glands are clean and healthy. This stuff is amazing... Keeping her on it and have also put our little senior Chiweenie on it as well as a preventative... Would definitely recommend it to anyone..."
–Gina, Tennessee

Glandex Really Works!
"I am giving Glandex to both of my big dogs. Only one really had the problem, but both liked the taste and I figured it would be good for both of my girls. My dog that had the problem, no longer does. As long as she is on Glandex, she has had no problems."
–Bonnie, Pennsylvania

Really Works!
"My 9-year-old Border Collie Mix had recurrent anal gland infections and was on several antibiotics. He started laser treatments and that helped, but when combined with Glandex... it was like a miracle! He didn't need surgery and now takes Glandex daily without anymore infections. My vet uses it for her dog too. Great product!"
–Tracy, Pennsylvania

Glandex for My Jack Russell Dog
"I love Glandex and I am so grateful for this product... my dog had trouble with anal glands becoming inflamed and/or needing to be drained constantly Glandex solved both problems and saved us a constant vet bill!! Thanks Glandex!!!"
–Darlene, Pennsylvania

"We were going to have to take our dog to the vet, but this worked like a charm! We mix it with some pumpkin and it's even better :-) Buy this stuff!"
–Misty, North Carolina

"I am so so glad to find this product - my cat has an anal gland problem (just like dogs do) very rare in cats...this helps so much - fantastic!"
–Shira, Ontario, Canada

I'm a Believer!
"I had gone through months of vet visits with my poodle and my chihuahua trying to get the anal gland issue resolved...I was on the verge of surgery for my poodle, Pierre, when I desperately ordered Glandex...hoping it would work for us like the reviewers said it worked for them..and it did! He's doing great, Boo the Chihuahua is also doing just fine. It has been a miracle for us...give it a try! I am ordering my second bottle today."
–Dolores, Texas

"After using Glandex, I've noticed that my dog's scooting has decreased. On a recent visit to the vet to get his shots, he didn't need his glands expressed. He used to require a regular monthly or every 2 months visit. So far so good!"
–Anonymous, Texas

Glandex for Dogs
"Well so far so good, it has only been a few weeks. Eddie has not had an anal gland problem. Thank you."
–Barbara, Pennsylvania

Review My Purchase
"I am very pleased with the way my purchase was handled from start to delivery, with Glandex for dogs & cats - 4 oz. I will be back when needed."
–Gail, Pennsylvania

Greatest Product Ever!
"I had an appointment scheduled to take my 1-year-old puppy for anal sac removal. I stumbled across this product while researching her upcoming surgery. I purchased a bottle and rescheduled her surgery for a later date hoping that I would be able to cancel it. Long story short, 6 weeks later she is doing GREAT! Her glands are working properly and we are eternally grateful!"
–Erica, California

Glandex for Dogs
"I have used this product for about two weeks and it seems to make a difference - I think it will prove to be even better with longer use."
–Morgan, Texas

"I have a Toy Poodle that has to have his anal gland expressed internally every 4 weeks, it would drive him crazy. So I did some research and found your product through the internet. It has worked great, at his last vet check up, it was very minimal. I highly recommend this product."
–Cheryl, Texas

Seems To Work
"Haven't seen the scoot since I started Yoda on the product. He didn't like the taste, though, and wouldn't eat his kibble when I used it alone. Now mix in some raw organic food and now he scarfs everything up OK. Will give it a 5 star next time I have a checkup and he doesn't need his glands expressed."
–Michelle, New Mexico

Glandex 5.3 oz
"Glandex for Dogs & Cats - 5.3 oz Product has been working for my dog. I will continue to use it. Thanks!"
– Janet, California

After First Bottle
"We are coming to the end of our first bottle and both my husband and I agree that there has been an improvement in the anal gland odor. Our GWP never scooted but her odor was unbearable at times...much improved. Will order another bottle and hope to see continued improvement!"
–Elizabeth, Illinois

Great Product
"I really think this product is helping my Boston Terrier with her problem. It was just awful, and ever since she started using Glandex, she is more regular and the problem of smell, etc. has disappeared. I highly recommend this product."
AMG ~ Naperville

"Prior to using Glandex my 15-year-old female min pin would scoot after each bowel movement. Also observed excessive licking which has for the most part ceased. While I am still on the same schedule for having my dogs anal gland expressed by the vet feel Glandex has helped, and will continue to use." Larry ~ Georgia

Works for Sparky
"I'm amazed at how this product is working. I used to have to walk around with Sparky for a long time waiting for him to pooh. I think it was painful for him. Now he doesn't have a problem and his stool seems firmer and normal whereas it was anything but before. Great product. Highly recommend it for any dog with anal gland issues." Anonymous ~ Ohio

Great Product
"Just a tiny amount with meals, and my mother's beagle hasn't needed her anal glands expressed. That had become a chronic situation, requiring vet trips every 3-4 weeks. Haven't had ANY since using this product." Auntie M. ~ North Carolina

Gland Fiber Supplement
"Just started using this, went to the vet and he said she was much better so I will continue using this." C.J. ~ Florida

Pleasantly Surprised
"I am very pleased with your product. I have a Boston Terrier and she was having so many issues with regard to her anal gland, I was contemplating having it removed. I have been using Glandex for about 3 weeks now and we haven't had any incidents. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that her "accidents" have ended. Thank you, Glandex." Nancy ~ Tennessee

Glandex 4 oz.
"Sammie is a Dachshund that had anal gland problems. Since giving her Glandex once a day with her food the problem has stopped. She is a much happier dog and back to her sweet self again. Great product!!!" George ~ Georgia

"For the past few years I've had to have my dogs anal glands "squeezed" every 6 weeks. After almost 4 weeks on Glandex she has not been displaying the distress signs she used to. Just had her glands checked at 7th week. While full she still didn't seem to irritated by them."Larry ~ Illinois

Glandex is a Great Product
"My 12-year-old Jack Russell has had anal gland issues for the past 2 years. The vet has done surgical procedures, laser treatments and meds costing us hundreds and hundreds of dollars. One bottle of Glandex and one month of using it, he is a new dog. Happy, healthy, and running around like he's a puppy again. THANKS!" Dorothea ~ Texas

Anal Gland Problems
"I just started my lab on Glandex less than 2 weeks ago. So far a big improvement and he is not leaking like he was. I am expecting him to continue getting better and the problem to leave completely and never return." Anonymous ~ Maryland

Glandex Works!!
"My 8-year-old miniature schnauzer has not been driving us crazy trying to get at her butt since she started taking Glandex. At her most recent grooming, the groomer commented on her glands not being full like they normally are on her visits. Thank you!!"Jacki ~ Massachusetts

"I love Glandex… it has helped my three dachshunds within 2 weeks to not have an anal gland issue per the veterinary hospital!! Thanks so very much for this product… get this info out!!!!!" Gail ~ Missouri

Best Product Ever
"My dog had severe anal gland problem until I came across Glandex on the web. I was taking her every 1-2 weeks to have them expressed and my vet bills weren't cheap, not mention the inconvenience. When she started pacing the floor at night, or nonstop licking I knew she was having an issue with her anal glands, if I didn't take her immediately she would have a full-fledged infection with drainage and blood, she would need prescriptions, shots and my vet bill would be over $125. I have never done a review for a product before, but Glandex has helped my Shar Pei so much I want everyone who's dog suffers with anal glands to know there is a solution. I highly recommend Glandex, it works." Rose ~ Michigan

"Great product for our English Springer Spaniel." Rolf ~ Washington D.C.

Excellent Customer Service
"I found customer service to be outstanding. I had asked that my order be put on hold while I consulted with my vet. They were wonderful and helpful. My dog has issues with scooting. While we also found out she had worms which was treated, she also had some relatively full anal glands and has had no problems with scooting or anal glands since being on this products. I am very pleased with the company, customer service, and product." Cindy ~ New York

Glandex For Dogs
"My little dog was in so much pain every time he went to the bathroom he literally screamed each time. It was so sad. The vet wanted to do surgery. I took him to the vet to be groomed where they emptied his glands by a vet tech and along with his daily dose of Glandex he has been pain free and back to his happy little self again. Thank you for being there." Lynda ~ California

"I've already left one review, but I'm adding to it many months later. It does still work. Beautifully. I'm picturing an anal gland problem-free future! This stuff rocks!" Tracy ~ Connecticut

Hip, Hip, Hooray!
"I have a chocolate lab that I have been constantly taking to the vet for infected anal glands. This is very expensive vet visit, usually requiring several weeks on an antibiotic and repeat return visits with my dog in pain. Since I have been giving her Glandex in a little bit of canned dog food I have not had to visit the vet again for the "gland issue". My dog is happy and so is my pocket book."Carrie ~ Alabama

Great Stuff
"Learned about Glandex from my vet. Samantha's hair cutter, who also clears her anal glands also speaks highly of it." Rolf ~ Washington D.C.

Glandex for Dogs
"It is working very well. Thank you." Doris ~ Wisconsin

So Far, So Good!
"It has only been one month, but he was just at the vet yesterday and his anal glands were in great shape. He has had numerous anal gland infections this year. We were on the verge of having surgery to remove his glands, but wanted to try this product first, along with a new food/protein source. His stools are larger and more frequent. He used to have a hard time going potty, but not anymore. I am really grateful for this product. It may very well be the difference between him having surgery and not having surgery. Thank you Glandex!!!" Kathryn ~ South Carolina
….updated review:
"I just wanted to provide some positive feedback for a second time. We recently had a second follow-up visit at the vet for our dachshund's anal glands and we were SO happy to learn that his anal glands were in good shape again, no infection. This was such great news and a definite confirmation that Glandex has really made a difference for our little guy since he hasn't had a recurring infection since he started using it in late November. Thank you SO much for creating something that has helped us avoid surgery!!!" Kathryn ~ South Carolina

"Very good product and works really good on my dog." Bonnie ~ Michigan

It Works!
"Started both my dogs on Glandex and within a week, no more embarrassing "scooting", no more poopy stains on the carpet - just a little sprinkled on their dinner is all it takes. My blood pressure is better too. Thank you, Glandex."Mary ~ Arizona

A Dog's Best Friend Apart From Humans!
"My 12 year old Japanese Chin says thank you for making my trips to the vet such a rarity now. His anal sacs only needed to be expressed once last year. I wish knew about this product a long time ago. It really works! Woof, woof!" Carole ~ New Jersey

Glandex for Dogs
"Order process was simple, product arrived timely. My lab loves it, so far we haven't had the anal gland infection that usually occurs so we will keep using it and hopefully the dog won't be uncomfortable again."Donna ~ Iowa

Best Customer Service
"This product has really helped my dog and this company has some of the finest customer service around. They went above & beyond when I had a delivery problem. I remain a loyal customer!" Susan ~ North Carolina

"There has been definite improvement since starting my dog on Glandex. No more anal gland infections, no more scooting or chewing at his backside, stools are firm again and he is overall a much happier dog...he is 8 yrs. old and is acting like a puppy again! Will continue to use Glandex, just ordered second bottle. Thank you Glandex!" Jennifer ~ Michigan

"It seems that there is less butt licking and tail chasing going on so after the initial order of 1 bottle and 1 bottle from the second order it seems to be helping. One more bottle to go and then I will possibly have a better rating." Jean ~ Michigan

It Works/No More Bad Odor
"Before we had to go almost every 3 weeks to have his glands cleaned. It's been almost 2 months now - no bad odor. My dog is happy and so am I. Thank you. It works!" S.A. ~ California

Glandex for Dogs and Cats - 4 oz
"Our dog has been on Glandex for almost a month and so far it has seemed to control her Anal Gland Problem. We are very pleased and have recommended it to others." Jim ~ Texas

"Happy with product." Lisa ~ New Jersey

"It seems to be helping my dog, Maggie. She is not scooting and biting at herself quite as much. I think it could help her more if this product was available in a capsule or tablet form so that I could be sure to get in her because she is a picky eater. It is the best product I have found for this problem."Karen ~ North Carolina

"I bought this product as I have a beagle who was always at the vet's for anal gland infections. When I found this product online and purchased it I was apprehensive at first. However, since I started using it, my dog has not had any problems and has not been to the vet since. I hope to continue this as it is a success for me." Shoefly

"I purchased my 1st bottle of Glandex and have been very satisfied. It has worked wonderfully for my dogs problem. I plan to continue to purchase this product. It has relieved my dogs issues." Sharon ~ South Carolina

"This stuff really works!! Was having to take my dog every 4-6 weeks to get anal expression and since being on this she has only gone once in 3 months."Shekhar

Miracle Cure
"Our 8-year old Miniature Schnauzer has had anal gland problems from a young age, that were progressively getting worse. Last spring and summer we were taking him to the vet every 3-4 weeks to have his glands expressed, and he was constantly acting like he was uncomfortable in that area. Our only remaining option was a $700 surgery to have the glands removed. Since starting him on Glandex 3 months ago, we have not made one trip to the vet. He is much more regular and generally acts healthier and happier. I would recommend this product to anyone whose dog is experiencing this problem." Alicia ~ Missouri

"We were about to have to do surgery on my dog's anal gland. We started giving her the Glandex and she has done a ton better!!" Meghan

It May Be Helping!
"I have been giving my dog a dose each morning mixed into his kibble with water. He was at the vet yesterday for anal gland expression--the last visit was a month ago. The Glandex may have slowed the time between visits. I am going to keep monitoring this. My vet is skeptical, but said it won't hurt. I will update after a few months." Stephanie ~ Virginia

Seems to Work
"I've been giving my 3 dogs Glandex for about a month now and it seems to work. One of my dogs, the one that really needs the help, will not eat her kibble with Glandex on it so I have to put it into a little canned (wet)food to hide it. She is biting at her butt less than before so I believe it is helping her....only time will tell." Jill ~ Colorado

"So far Glandex, is working well. I have noticed that my dogs aren't dragging their hiney on the floor. I'm very pleased with Glandex so far." Tamra ~ Texas

Glandex for Dogs and Cats
"I've used this on my Pug. He was spinning in a circle in attempt to reach his bum. To no avail. Had the appearance of a pug top. Then came the overwhelming stench, and leakage. I have never had first hand experience with anal gland issues before. I had heard of it so deduced this to be the problem. In a panic I studied up on it, including evacuating the glands. Had no desire to attempt this. When I discovered Glandex I couldn't pass it up. Whew! So glad I didn't. My little guy is back to his normal self, and I am so thankful. I totally recommend this to anyone who loves their pets, You will not regret it. Really thanks so much." C. Martinez ~ Washington

Glandex for Dogs & Cats
"Recently purchased Glandex for a young rescued female wire fox terrier. She was having terrible diarrhea forcing her to engage in scooting. Purchased the Glandex she has been on it daily and no further problems. No scooting, no diarrhea and she doesn't mind the addition of it to her food. Thank-you so much for a wonderful product." Holistic ~ New York

Thank You
"It has now been 10 weeks that my Doxie has been on Glandex. Glands are clear and Vet says no surgery is needed. This has been a life saver. Vet is going to recommend this product to next owner of animal that has severe gland problems. I am very grateful for this product as my Doxie has so many other issues. I have gone completely holistic for my animals so this is a great substitute for drugs. Thank you again." Cheryl ~ Florida

Glandex for Dogs & Cats
"Spoke with a very knowledgeable person at Glandex. Received your product very quickly. I will be ordering again." Judy, Divine K-9 Pet Store ~ Maryland

Glandex For My Cat
"Impressed with product. Took cat to vet and he said it seems to be helping. Not a miracle but helps reduce the severity of the gland issue." Mary ~ Illinois

"Just wanted to let you know after my first bottle of Glandex my small dog, Paco is doing so much better. I used to have to take him in every few weeks to do the anal gland release at my vets office and of course the scooting around thing where my dogs rear end would get irritated and raw, since I started with Glandex there is such a remarkable improvement. I am very pleased and so is Paco! I will continue to use this product. It has saved me time and money in vet bills. I thank you and my Chihuahua, Paco thanks you as well." Debbie ~ California

"Wonderful product! Will recommend to all my fellow dog owner friends. This product has saved my rugs~ and my sanity. As a matter of fact, I think I'd better re-order. I want to keep this in stock!" Jo-Ellen ~ Rhode Island

Great Product
"I have 2 black pugs, since I have been using Glandex I have not had to have their anal glands cleaned and it's all natural. My vet said it was safe. Thank you so much. I may need to have them cleaned once in a while but compared to once a month A+++ product!" Dana

Awesome Results
It does not take much but it is making a big difference. Very happy with the results! So happy to have found this product! Solved my cat's digestive problems. Thank you so much! Ledyard ~ Connecticut

Glandex For Dogs
"Your product seems to be helping my dog and I am very pleased!" Miller ~ Florida

Miracle in a Bottle!
"This product is the answer to pet owners prayers. I was in despair to cure my poodle mix Pierre of anal gland infections but after only a month he was completely well and has stayed that way...this is my second bottle! We were facing surgery until I found Glandex... TRY IT!" Dolores ~ Texas

"So far it does seem to be working. My Bichon is not scooting like he used to which is a good thing :) I will continue to use it unless I notice a change." Anonymous ~ Missouri

Keeping My Fingers Crossed
"I am trying Glandex for the first time on my 12 yr old Wiener Dog. His glands were so bad that the vet wanted to do surgery to remove them. Then I started reading about the procedure, I knew I had to find some other way. He now is a little over a month on Glandex and has not had any scooting or digging at his bum. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this is all behind us now. He has been miserable for to long. Will now start my 10 yr old female on it also. Thank you." Cheryl ~ Florida

Great Job
"Our dog was going to the vet every 2 weeks to have his anal glands expressed. Then I found this product and decided to try it, after all, it had a money back guarantee! Our vet was very surprised also!! I will buy this product again and recommend it highly!" Larry

Glandex - How It Worked For My Dogs
"This product has been a "godsend" for my dogs, no more skidding across my carpets. The fact that the ingredients are natural is most appealing. I have posted "Glandex" on my Facebook page. I have also recommended Glandex to my doggy friends." Georgina ~ New Zealand

"This product seems to be working. I took my dog to the vet yesterday to have her anal glands checked and they weren't filled and solid as before. I am happy with this product." Nancy ~ California

Glandex 5.3 oz
"My Beagle used to scoot all over the place. After about a third of the first bottle, she is hardly scooting at all. Better than major surgery at $650.00!!" Dean ~ Indiana

Glandex for Dogs & Cats 5.3 oz
"Wonderful stuff, did exactly what they said it would do. Saved me a trip every two weeks, $18, and an anxious dog from a vet trip for anal expression. Yuck and Yea for Glandex! Anonymous ~ Texas

Glandex for My Dog
"I'm pleased with Glandex, although I've only been using for about 10 days. I've noticed much less scooting, and better bowel movements. So far, so good." Sylvia ~ Rhode Island

It Works!!
"Been giving it to our German Shepherd since Dec. 17, 2012. Follow up visit to vet showed that our dog didn't have to get the glands drained and that the glands are almost back to normal. I recommend that you try it. Dog eats her food with no problem when I put the powder on top of (dry) dog food." Alan ~ Indiana

Lady Bandit
"For three years our King Charles Cavalier has been driving us nuts with her chewing and scratching. Our vet was able to relieve her problems for $25 a month. After 3 days of Glandex, we noticed a complete reversal of her suffering. I highly recommend this product to anyone whose pet suffers from anal gland problems." Douglas ~ New York

Much Better!
"My hound shepherd mix had to see the vet's monthly to get his anal glands expressed. Since using Glandex (on our 3rd bottle) - his anal gland problem has diminished significantly! I haven't had his glands expressed in several months and the last time he was checked the vet tech said the glands were not full. He isn't 100% cured but I would say at least 95% improvement. Great stuff!" Journey Girl

Glandex Works!
"My shepherd had very bad glands, tried different food but every month to the vet. Didn't like that at all. Searched on the internet and found Glandex. Bought it and now never went to the vet anymore. It really works and I am happy and my dog is very happy because he didn't like it at all and now he never has full glands anymore because of Glandex." Tine ~ Florida

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the results of using Glandex as a food supplement for our dog. We have a four-year-old West Highland White Terrier who was experiencing anal gland problems. So bad, in fact, that it required almost four to six trips to the vet each year and some painful treatments. Then we found out about Glandex and have been using if for over six months and the results are incredible. It really works!! No more vet visits for anal gland problems since! We're happy and more importantly, our dog is happy too. Thanks for a great product and Merry Christmas."Mike & Evelyn ~ California

"This stuff really works!! I have 2 rescues--a male Maltese 9 years, Doxie mix female 2 years. The Doxie's problem with anal gland was the worst. I am giving it to each one daily. I know that visits to Vet was painful for her. I could not believe it would work this well. But because of the difference in their weight, I mix this with a small pat of butter and both actually eat it from a spoon. They love the taste." Jean ~ Mississippi

Great Product!
"I'm using Glandex on our little dog, Henri. He is a Yorkie/Affen Pincher mix. It seems to be working really well. Thanks so much for your excellent service!!!" Gale ~ Montana

Glandex 4 oz.
"My cat was in a great degree of discomfort. Not knowing if it was due to UTI, anal glands, or constipation, I gave her a dose of Glandex. In a few hours, she had a huge BM and is now her normal self. I will continue to use it as preventive care." Barbara ~ Illinois

Glandex for Dogs
"I bought this product due to my oldest Border Collie having serious anal sac issues. He has had several ruptures, impactions and has been troubled over and over. So far, so good with Glandex. The jury is still out as I haven't had him on it very long, but it is looking good right now." Janis ~ Pennsylvania

"Excellent product, excellent service." Connie ~ Ohio

Thank you!
"Thank you all for coming up with this product. Glandex has helped out so much for our dog and all the other health benefits that it has. T.J. will be on it for quite sometime, he is so loved and a precious member of our family! Thank you and bless you all." Stevens Family ~ North Carolina

"This stuff started working toward the end of the first bottle I bought. Give it some time and you will see results eventually." Brenda

"My dog has been suffering for a long time with anal gland problems. Since I have started with Glandex she is much more comfortable. I am on the second bottle so far and I haven't had to relieve her anal glands. It is definitely working, thank you!" Peg ~ New Jersey

"Product is extremely palatable & my dog loves it. Seems to be working." Diane ~ Oklahoma

Glandex for Dogs
Great product. So far has helped poor Barkley avoid the vet office for help with his anal gland problem. Product arrived fast and as described. Will be ordering again. Karen ~ Iowa

Thank You
"My one dog was being treated for an infected anal gland and when searching for information on the web I found your product. Dachshunds are known to have anal sac trouble so I decided to give it a try. I do notice larger stools and to this point have had no more issues with the anal glands. I am very pleased with this product and have recently placed an order for more! Thanks" Debby ~ Pennsylvania

Glandex For Dogs
"My dog has been on this a few weeks and my groomer says she feel that it is helping my dog. His anal glands looked good. The true test will be when he has been on it for awhile." Deborah ~ California

"I've been using the product for 3-4 weeks now, and so far it's fantastic! One dog had been showing signs of trouble when I got my package, and she and the others are now trouble-free. Believe me, I will become a lifetime customer with these results. Thank you for this marvelous formula!" Pam ~ Oregon

Saved My Dog From Gland Surgery!
"Our dog had to go to the vet once a month for her gland issues. She would even eat the hair off her rear end. We tried changing her diet, cut out everything to stop her biting her rear end. We even just kept the cone on her head for 3 weeks in a row. The vet talked about surgery to remove the glands! I got Glandex to see if it would make a difference. After a month on it, she was slow getting her hair grow coming back on her rear end. She no longer needs to go into the vet to get the anal glands cleaned out! We are so happy this product has saved us from surgery!" Bon ~ Web

Glandex for Dogs 5.3 oz
"This product has cleared my dogs anal sac problems and her anal fistulas that have been chronic for years. My GSD has been infection clear for several months. Thank you so much." Jan ~ Wyoming

My Labradoodle Roscoe
"It does seem since using Glandex that Roscoe's anal is a little better, I am going to continue to use the product and see how much better he gets. He was a lot worse before using Glandex." Sheri ~ Illinois

"I have a 9 yr old lab that has constant problems with his anal glands since using your product he seems to be getting better. It was every 7-10 days the vet had to empty his glands but he hasn't shown any discomfort for two weeks since being on Glandex so I give this product 5 stars." Sandra ~ California

Good Choice
"So far this seems to be working of our miniature schnauzer she is 11 years old and I just didn't want to see her go through all the tests from the vets office." Jan ~ Ohio

"This worked within the day for my old chihuahua that was having trouble moving his bowel. He feels so much better with more energy now." Lael ~ Washington

Effectiveness of Glandex
"I have 2 large dogs that both have troubles with buildup in the anal glands. I came across an ad for Glandex, and decided to try it. Before using the product, I had to have the dogs' glands expressed manually every few weeks. After being on the product for a month, their glands are empty and functioning the way they should! I'm so glad I found Glandex!" Kristine ~ Washington

Glandex for Dogs & Cats
"Worked instantly I am very happy with this product and would buy It again." Denise ~ Florida

Glandex really works!
"After trying all online advice for anal gland problems, Glandex was our last resort. And we were not particularly optimistic. We gave our 3-year-old Golden-doodle Glandex for 2 months, that being the normal time between grooming and gland attention. We had no idea if it was working or not until our groomer told us that his glands were EMPTY. This is historic. So we will be adding Glandex to both our Doodles' meals from now on. They love the taste as well (and also very important, perhaps the best customer service I have ever come across, this is a terrific company)." Tracy ~ Connecticut

Would Recommend
"This is a great product. So far it seems to have cured my dogs anal gland problem in the few weeks that she has taken it. I would recommend this." Sherry ~ Web

"I've been using Glandex for my basset hound for about a month. He has had recurring anal gland infections. He has been going in about once a month for anal gland expression and today he got a good report from the vet! No sign of inflammation or infection, she thought they also seemed less full than usual. We are going to order another bottle and get him rechecked in six weeks. Hope he keeps getting good reports back from the vet. Thought we were going to have to have his glands removed!" Sadie
…updated review:
"Well, we went back to the vet today and our basset hound got another good report, no problem with his glands! It's been six weeks since he last saw the vet for his glands. That's the longest that he has made it so far, we are now going to go 8 weeks before a recheck! We are so excited, we really thought we were going to have his glands removed! Just ordered another bottle of Glandex today! I'll update his progress in 8 weeks, so far so good. We now have been using Glandex for two and a half months!" Sadie
…updated review:
"Returned to the vet for a check-up and got wonderful news, our basset hound had no signs of infection or inflammation with his glands. In fact one gland was empty and the other one had very little in it! Which means he is emptying them by himself now. We love this product and will continue to use it! We are so excited that this is working for him. We really did thing he was going to have his glands removed. We always make sure he gets it every day as directed! It has really worked great for him!" Sadie

Dog Loves This
"Don't know if it is helping yet but dog loves to eat this. Mix with a lot of water and add to food. No problems with dog taking this." L. Strothers ~ Washington D.C.

Glandex for Dogs
"My dogs were suffering with anal gland problems but since we discovered Glandex it has worked remarkably well for both of them. Haven't had any further problems! Thanks from the two of them." Anonymous ~ New York

So Far, So Good
"We're two months into our trial with Glandex (what a name!). Our dog hasn't been back to the vet during this time. For a stretch before this, he was a once-every-three-weeks patient. I can't say that Glandex has or hasn't solved the problem, but we will continue using it unless our dog's anal gland issues return. Our dog LOVES the taste of it. I sprinkle it on his dry kibble, add a few tablespoons of warm water, and swish things around. Happy dog!" Nordic

Glandex for Dogs
"This product had helped our Cocker Spaniel tremendously. Very happy customer!!!" Fran ~ Maryland

Life Saver
"I was at my wits end with all the problems my dog was having. I had him from vet to vet and no help. I was about to get rid of my dog because I couldn't stand to see him in pain. I ran across this while researching. So I thought I would give it a chance. He has been taking it for a few weeks now and no problems at all. This stuff has been a life saver. So glad I found it and I will use this stuff forever." Christy ~ Indiana

Results After One Month
"Tasha (my 40 lb. dog) has been receiving Glandex for about 5 weeks now. She is not chewing & crying as much but she is dragging herself sometimes. I didn't have a chance to take her to the vet to have her glands drained before I started Glandex so I am going to take her this week. But I can see improvement so I am going to continue with the Glandex. I think she just needs more time on Glandex because I can see that she is improving." Litlbit ~ Oklahoma

"So far so good. No screaming in pain since going onto Glandex. I have had to do gland once but it didn't smell as bad as usual and although very full it came out much easier and with minimal discomfort. So far I am very pleased. Four stars because they still fill up." Jenny ~ Web

Great Stuff!
"Glandex is a wonderful product. Our older dog was having lots of bowel accidents plus some anal glad odor. Since using Glandex, very few accidents and no more anal glad odor!" Rebekah ~ Michigan

"Having good luck with Glandex for my 70 pound Lab mix. Have had only one instance of irritation in the last two weeks. This is a marked improvement!" Robert ~ Massachusetts

Anal Glands Empty
"I am reordering more Glandex because it is definitely working, so much so that last time I took my dog into the vet his glands were empty! This is a first as I've been taking my dog to the vet every 3 weeks regularly, thank you so much!" Jerry ~ California

"I have a dog that has allergies and impacted anal sacs are a problem. With Glandex the problem has gone away! I am sure my dog is relieved as there are fewer trips to the vet."
Kat ~ Web

Glandex Soft Chews
"This is the BEST product I have ever used! I have spent years taking my poor dog to the Vet to have her anal glands expressed causing her pain, me time and money not to mention how disgusting it is! She is very picky so I tried the chews and she loves them! She had IMMEDIATE relief. She was constantly licking her bottom - no more licking! I am thrilled with this product and I cannot believe my Vet didn't tell me about it. Everyone please tell your vets and save you and your precious dogs pain and misery!" Alisa R.

Glandex – A Miracle For My Dog
“My poor dog spent the major part of her day scooting and her night licking. Her anal glands were nothing but trouble. They would not express naturally and were often infected. The vet talked to me about removal of the glands but when I heard she could lose control of her bowels I went on a mad search for something else. That's when I found glandex! Thank goodness! My dog has been on this for about a year. She rarely has a problem with anal glands now. She loves to take it. I am so glad to have this. It has been an answer to prayer.” Anonymous ~ California

“I LOVE this product!!!! It has GREATLY reduced the accidental anal gland leaks. I do have to give him more than the recommended amount for it to work. I have tried everything to help this horrible problem and nothing worked. I have even told my vet about Glandex so she can suggest it to her other patients. Thanks for an amazing product!!!!” Yvette ~ Illinois

One Word – Awesome!
“My cat Rory was in so much discomfort and I believe pain. It was a horrible few trips (about every 3-4 weeks) to the vet when the visit was about his anal glands. My vet recommended glandex. He's been taking it now for about 3 months and it has worked great. He is so much happier and healthier now. No more crazy licking butt or scooting along the carpet, and no more vet visits due to his glands! We are all very happy. I am now also giving it to my dog Uno. His stool was always very soft, almost diarrhea. Now its great! Its firm and very healthy looking. Thank you glandex, thank you!!!!!” Francisco ~ Florida

Glandex for Dogs & Cats – 2.5 oz
“I can't thank you enough for what this product has done for my mini Doxie Peach!! She would have to be expressed at the vets every two or three weeks internally because the anal sacs for her are difficult to do! Since being on your product she has not been back to the vet!!! It's been five or six weeks now!!! Plus her belly does not make the grumbling sounds that made her not want to eat!! Thank You for such for a great product! I have tried canned pumpkin in her food & she would not eat... I will recommend this to anyone I know! I would give it a 100* rating if I could.. we love her sooo much!! She has more energy now. She will be 13 soon & acts like a pup thanks to this product!!! Yahoo!!” Jodi ~ Massachusetts

Great Product – It WORKS!
“My Dog is healthier and a lot less visits to the Vet because of this Wonderful Product, this is the second time I've purchased and will be doing so again and again. Satisfied customer and Pet!” Anonymous ~ Florida

Great Product
“Our Priscilla, Walker, has totally rid her problem and it seems also that the Glandex has tremendously helped with her itchiness-skin too. Thank goodness and we are all happy. Thanks. We continue her dosage every morning with her feeding. I cook for all my doggies! Nothing bought down the grocery store isle....ugh!!!!” Holly ~ West Virginia

Excellent Product!
“My almost 9 year old boxer, Marley, has been struggling with mushy poo and scooting for the last few years. I've tried different foods, prescription medications, and vitamins, but nothing worked for her. I saw the ads for Glandex around Memorial Day and figured it was worth a shot. I placed my order and Marley started taking it the day it arrived. I'm super excited to report that after about a week and a half of the daily recommended dose, Marley started having more solid bowel movements and the scooting has stopped!” Christina ~ Indiana

Worked Great on My Dog
“I was pleased when I took my dog to the vet after 3 weeks and his glands were so much better. They weren’t impacted and he didn’t have to suffer through another painful procedure. Hope it continues to work like this. Thanks for making this product.” Janice ~ California

Glandex Works Great!
“I was told by my friend’s daughter who is a veterinarian to try glandex for our dogs anal gland problem. We were so sick of the stink in the air and furniture! Since we've been using it for quite a few months now, we have had maybe one or 2 brief and minor happenings with smell. It has worked wonders!” Amy ~ Wisconsin

Pricey but Saves $$ in the Long Run
“My 2 1/2 year old male Golden Retriever has been having anal gland issues for as long as I can remember. I have been having to take him to the vet about once a month to have the glands manually expressed. They got infected a few times and he has even had them flushed. So far, he hasn't had to go back to the vet yet. He's on his second bottle. He LOVES the flavor of this stuff!” Skylar’s Mommy ~ Georgia

“Has worked great for my Irish Setters. One has recovered from an anal gland infection. She avoided surgery, and Glandex has kept her glands normal.” Dale ~ Oregon

Love Your Product
“Our dog, Scout, was so miserable before using Glandex. Within 2 weeks of starting your product, we noticed a big difference. And now, Scout has stopped the constant licking, scooting, and the horrible odors. She is back to her happy self. Thanks for your great product!” Patricia ~ Washington

Sled Dog
“We've been using the Glandex for several weeks for our border collie. He is definitely not sledding around as much. He absolutely loves this stuff so it's not a problem getting him to gobble it down. I ordered two bottles and will continue this review after more time has passed.” Lora ~ Maryland

Glandex Works!!!
“Yes Glandex works. Our dog has always had this issue with her Gland but using Glandex she is doing great! Yay for Glandex!!!! :)” Laurie ~ Arizona

Glandex Helps Bella’s Anal Problem
“Every month we have had to take Bella, our miniature dachshund/pincer to the vet to have her anal glands expressed. After finding glandex on line and ordering, she has been on it since 5-7-14 and has not scooted nor any indication of it bothering her. Very glad I ordered the glandex.” Donna ~ Ohio

Helped Us Avoid Anal Gland Surgery
“Have had repeat success with this product for my mini dachshund and my sister uses it for her mini dachshund, too. Highly recommend trying for anal gland issues.” Ada ~ Kentucky

New Customer
“Since beginning my beagle on Glandex close to a month ago, I have started seeing an increase in the amount of time needed between anal expressions at the vet.” Jonathan ~ Tennessee

Glandex Review
“I bought Glandex a while back as a last hope before surgery for my Lab. It has worked so well I have recommended it to my vet and groomer. Buying Glandex on line was easy and delivery swift.” Donna ~ Iowa

“This product has helped my Yorkie SO much. Great Product.” Gordon ~ California

Service & Product
“Great service and wonderful product.” Beet ~ California

“Glandex saved my little Chihuahua, Mandy, from surgical removal of her anal glands. Glandex cleared them and keep them clear and healthy. My little girl will stay on

Glandex Review
Glandex... Love this product.”
Gina ~ Tennessee

Anal Glands
“My 10 year old foster Chihuahua mix has been subjected to anal gland expressions at the vet every 2 to 3 weeks for quite a while now. So far this product has worked well and quickly. Nothing else we have tried has. He hasn't had to go back in since taking the supplement so we are very hopeful. I'm very pleased with this product and so is my foster dog Dash.” Dawn ~ Arizona

“What a great product. Problems seem to be solved. Thank you” Carole ~ Florida

Glandex for Dogs
“I have been using this product for about three weeks, and it's a little too early to give it a total of 5 stars, but I have seen an improvement in the dog expressing it's anal glands. So far, so good. The product seems to be working as advertised, but I may need to purchase another one to give a more in depth review.” William ~ Virginia

Glandex for Dogs & Cats 4 oz.
“Our Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Elvis, has been having problems with his anal glands. We have been taking him to the vet to get them expressed every 6 weeks for some time now. Our vet told us about Glandex and suggested we might try it. We ordered it right away! We waited 6 weeks right on schedule and took him to our vet to get his anal glands expressed. Much to our JOY and almost disbelief our vet told us he had nothing to be expressed! We are so pleased with Glandex so far. Our vet wants us to bring him back after another six weeks just to be sure. All of us, including Elvis are very happy with Glandex” Alice ~ New York

Anal Gland
“Great product helping my little friend” Ernesto ~ Illinois

Very Pleased
“We are very pleased with glandex for our dogs. We have 7 cavalier king Charles Spaniels and they all like it.” Joe ~ Florida

“My dog is only 9 months old, but so far I am very happy to be using this product. She seems to have no problem taking care of business!” Claire ~ Idaho

Awesome Sauce!
“I have been giving my dogs glandex for over a year now and they both have extremely healthy glands and bowel movements. I have recently recommended it to my mother. She has small dogs that have gland issues often. She has been giving it to them for a couple weeks and already sees the difference. Keep up the good work and thank you for your speedy delivery service!” Erica ~ Arkansas

Glandex Purchase
“Received very quickly in the mail. My dogs seem to like the flavor. I have not noticed much of a difference with them using this product but it has not been very long.” Anonymous ~ Wisconsin

Glandex for Dogs
“I have noticed quite a bit of improvement on one of my fur babies. I have started giving to one of my other fur babies and am sure it will start working on him as well! Very satisfied!” Marlin ~ South Carolina

Glandex Review
“I have a 5 year old Chihuahua that has had abscessed anal glands four times. I started giving her Glandex a year ago and have not had any problems since!” Laura ~ Florida

Glandex Review
“I have a Chihuahua that has been bothered with anal gland problems. He has been on Glandex now for several weeks and so far has not had any problems. He was having his glands expressed every month before this but now he seems to be doing all right. The vet checked him and his glands were empty.” Evelyn ~ Illinois

Glandex for Dogs
“So far, so good. We have noticed we haven't had to clean the anal glands as often. This is a PLUS. Hope to see this process lessen more as time goes by.” Kathryn ~ Oklahoma

Glandex is Great
“I have been giving my dog the glandex and she is so much better. The product is amazing. Daisy also likes the taste of it. Thanks!” Jane ~ Maine

It Works!!
“Our little Bichon Frise was always scooting around with an itchy butt. Our vet would clean it out and a couple of days later she was back at it!! In fact I turned our vet on to it, so I think you'll be hearing from her!! Great Product” Lee ~ Pennsylvania

“Glandex does seem to have improved my dog's anal gland problem I guess I will have to change his name from Stench” Marshall ~ New Mexico

“Works great. Dog smell improved immensely.” Christina ~ Massachusetts

So far so good!
“So far, we are seeing good results with glandex. We hope to still see more improvement!” Anonymous ~ Tennessee

“I haven't used it very long, but it does seem to be working. Usually I need to take my shih Tzu to the vet every 4 weeks for the anal gland expression. It's been 8 weeks and counting! Great product! Thank you! And Bailey thanks you too!!” Dianne ~ California

Glandex Review
"I have a six-year old yellow lab that has used your product for two years and swear by it. Glandex totally stopped the anal gland problem my dog had. I highly recommend your product and have seen results from using it. This has saved me money and time and embarrassment of having to go to the vet to have the glands excreted or worry bout the smell when company came over. Thank you for making a great product that is natural!" Susan ~ Illinois

“Have used Glandex for my toy Aussie for about a year and a half now and along with a high fiber dog food it is foolproof!” Anonymous ~ Idaho

Glandex Works
“My pug has had anal gland problems ever since I can remember, even having a ruptured anal sac. I did not think anything was going to save her but my vet told me about Glandex. I have never been so pleased with a product….ever! It took a few weeks for the sac to heal, but I think she is going to be just fine now!” Amy ~ Alberta, Canada

Reduced Drainage
“I have been using Glandex for three weeks now for my mix breed baby. She had almost daily issues with drainage and itching bottom. The licking and scooting has nearly stopped completely. I am very pleased with the result this far. On the other hand my Mal that had no issued has become more gassy as a result of stealing her sisters’ food!” Anonymous

Glandex for Dogs
“Very pleased with results, Glandex has really helped my minpin. I would recommend this product to others!!” Linda ~ Ohio

Great Improvement
“We ordered 2 large bottles and the measuring spoon, as we have a large dog who had a serious gland problem. The product is almost gone and we can say it resulted in a great improvement in the dog’s condition. Occasionally he still smells bad, but not too often.” Valeria ~ New York

“I have a pug, he is 7 yrs old. Had problems with anal gland. Used this product for a month now and no problems. It works, he seems to have more energy and no scooting on the floor.” Anonymous ~ Florida

“My dog has been on Glandex for 6 weeks now. She is showing definite signs of improvement. Much less scooting and her stools are much firmer.” Stewart ~ Iowa

My Boston Terrier
“I’ve been giving the powder to my little girl for ten days or so…Seems to be working! There have been a couple of episodes, but not nearly like before and farther apart time wise.” David ~ North Carolina

Highly Effective Product
“The product has been very effective for my 7 month old dog. It was unbelievable to me that he would have anal sac issues at such a young age. I thought he needed to have his anal sacs expressed. His vet told me that would be a very bad idea, and it was important for him to be able to do this for himself, since he was so young at the time of occurrence. Anyhow, this product was recommended for my dog and it started working within 3 days. I administer the appropriate amount for my dog’s size every day and he has not had any further issues.” Anonymous ~ Florida

So Much Better!
“My 10 year old Shi Tzu has had anal gland problems for the last two years. Finally, have found something to relieve her painful symptoms. She is eating and feeling so much better and rarely scoots! Thank you Glandex!” Anonymous ~ Nebraska

“He has been on Glandex for 4-5 weeks and never refused to eat his meal with it in it. We had his glands cleaned before we started and as of today he has not dragged yet. In the past after a cleaning he will start to drag at the end of 3 ½ to 4 weeks. He is much happier and so are we. Wish we had this around years ago with our pugs – they were bad!!!” Raymond ~ Massachusetts

No More
“ Thanks to this product and our holistic vet, we no longer have a scoot issue with our Toller. Thank you from us and Koshe!” Don ~ Michigan

Glandex for Dogs and Cats – 4oz
“Our little pocket beagle had her second anal gland surgery even though we took her in to have her glands cleaned regularly and we were so worried that it would happen again. I went online and found Glandex and it works! Our vet is impressed with the results and I think he is letting his other patients owners know about it. I highly recommend it for anyone who is having trouble with their pet’s glands! Kathy ~ Washington

Great Product
“I use Glandex every morning for my furry friend. It has certainly helped with her anal gland problem. A lot less visits to the vet. You must use it daily to be effective or at least this is what I have found.” Sue ~ Tennessee

Works Very Well
“I use this for my dogs to help with anal sack expression and it works very well. No hint of odor after just a couple days use.” Wesley ~ Pennsylvania

“I highly recommend Glandex. My baby’s anal glands got to the point of filling up super fast and leaking. I was having to take her in every other week to get them expressed at $22 a visit. Since I did research on the web and ran across Glandex I ordered it and Izzy has been on it for about 2 months and we have not had any more problems with her anal glands. Izzy has been acting like a puppy again not the age of a 6yr old that she is. It is great to have her feeling good again! Thank you Glandex I will be continuing this treatment for her.” Mimi ~ Arkansas

Use it Regularly – It Really Helps!
“I’ve been using Glandex with my two Cocker Spaniels for over a year – it really helps! In the past, painful and impacted anal glands sent us to the vet on a regular basis. Since I’ve been using Glandex that hasn’t happened. They love the taste!” M. ~ Georgia

I Think it’s Working
“It’s only been a few weeks but I haven’t smelled any leaks or seen any indication that my 80lb Newfie’s glands are bothering him. He seems to like the taste. So far so good, so we’ll keep using it. Thanks.” Erik ~ California

Glandex for Dogs and Cats 4 oz
“Have received good results with my dog as well as many client’s pets. We sell all sizes and is more cost effective to purchase the larger size.” Erin ~ Louisiana

So Far, So Good
“My dog has been on Glandex for a little over a month and no visits to the vet to have his glands expressed. Prior to starting it we were visiting the vet about every 2 weeks. I hope this continues.” Sara ~ Tennessee

“I thought this product was too good to be true until I tried it!! It makes a world of difference for my dogs. We will always keep a supply on hand. Thank you” Mary ~ Virginia

“Glandex takes awhile to work. It doesn’t work right away but it does definitely work!! It is a definite “life saver” for both dog and owner. I highly recommend Glandex to any canine owner that has a “bum scootin” problem. It is excellent!! Kudos to Glandex!!” Chris ~ North Carolina

Works Great!
“My dog is a puggle and we were having a lot of trouble with scooting and her smell. After I started giving her Glandex within a couple of weeks I can tell the difference. She hasn’t needed a bath as often and she doesn’t scoot anymore.” Anonymous

Works to Help With Anal Gland Problems
“I have used one bottle of the 2 I ordered. It has really helped my dog who has anal gland problems.” Margaret ~ Georgia

Excellent Product
“Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Doggies are no longer gassy and no more scooting.” Yvette ~ Hawaii

Works for my Thor!
“My year old mixed breed started to have issues with anal leakage and licking “that area” for months. The vet suggested we go on LID which we did. At the same time, I scoured the internet. I came across this product, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I also asked my local pet store about it (not a big chain store) I respect their advice since they do a lot of research on the products they carry. Although they had not heard of Glandex they immediately looked it up and reviewed the ingredients to confirm the all natural aspect. It has been 1 month now and no leakage or licking! I’m sold!” Anonymous ~ North Carolina

“It works great!” Lavenda ~ Missouri

“Very Good Product.” Cheryl ~ Colorado

Glandex for My Two Dogs
“I have two dogs that have been taking Glandex for about three weeks. It seems to be working. Neither have showed symptoms of gland problems since the first week. I will definitely order Glandex again." Dorothy ~ Oregon

Glandex for Dogs
“I have not had to take my toy Australian to the vet for anal glands since buying the first bottle of Glandex. Not ONE time in almost two years now. My son now uses it on his two pugs and a friend for her dog. Great stuff!" Carole ~ Idaho

Glandex for Dogs
“We LOVE Glandex!!!! It did take 3 months for it to start working for our little basset/border collie mix, but it is now working and she has gone from having to have her glands expressed every 2 weeks by the vet to 4 weeks! We were told by a specialist that there is nothing that could be done to help out little one because there is nothing anatomically wrong with her. He said it was just a case of “bad luck” that her glands were filling so frequently. She is 11 years old and in perfect health otherwise, so we tried Glandex. While we did have to be very patient and increase the dose (after calling your representative for helpful advice) it has worked and we are very grateful. So is she! Thank you so much!" Robin ~ Connecticut

Gland Problem
“After we started using the product our dogs problem seem to disappear." Wesley ~ New Jersey

“Our dog’s stomach problems were gone in two weeks of starting Glandex. We are so grateful. I actually recommended it to our veterinary clinic.” Tracie ~ New Mexico

Glandex very good product
“Excellent product, her scooting on the floor to clear herself has stopped after at least a years worth of it.” John ~ Alabama

Glandex for Dogs
“Hi this product is great, no more itchy bum on my rugs or floors and my dog loves it too.” Keith ~ Massachusetts

Anal Gland Leakage
“Our mini schnauzer had been suffering leakage issues since being ran over by a car. She’d have to be expressed every 2 weeks to try to manage this problem. We were at our wits end & didn’t want surgery as the risks are high. Out of desperation I searched the internet for anything to try when I came across this website. I was astounded when I saw all the reviews. Everyone was raving over this product and how wonderful it was. So I thought what could it hurt & ordered a bottle. On day 2 of this medicine she was right at her 2 week mark & right on schedule she started having issues. I though well, here is the true test & I did not have her expressed. I was going to give this medicine a chance to work. TO my surprise and complete delight by day 6 she was no longer having any symptoms. It has now been a month & still no symptoms. I’m absolutely amazed, we’d been dealing with this issue for a year. I recommend this product to everyone, it does everything it claims it does.”
Kathy ~ Ohio

Glandex for Dogs
“Very satisfied with Glandex. We actually bought 4 bottles of Glandex. We recommend it.”
Donald ~ Pennsylvania

Glandex for Peach!!
“Miracle in a bottle. Peach will never be without this great product!! Thanks Glandex for dogs!"
Jodi ~ Massachusetts

Good Help
“I have noticed a big difference in my dog Kodi and I am not through the first bottle. Kudos to Glandex."
Anna ~ Ohio


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